The accident caused by Marc Márquez in Portimão continues to bring tail. On one side are colleagues who have shown themselves to be understanding, such as the major victim of the accident, Miguel Oliveira, who regretted that the eight-time world champion had been injured in action.

Of course I forgive Marc, nobody causes an accident on purpose, but for sure in the first two laps I wanted to overtake in the wrong place. We talked long and hard for a few minutes at the circuit clinic and he told me he probably had a problem with his brakes. I can’t say more, I respect him. I accept your apology“, he sentenced.

Less conciliatory was Aleix Espargaró, who initially said he didn’t want to comment on the accident to end up calling him”very serious, because his knee could have exploded and he would never run again in his entire lifeIt was a brutal impact.”

“This really is something that gives me the feeling that we haven’t learned, as after yesterday’s crashes, today people started the same way. Binder beat me and Joan Mir’s first lap is crazy. I don’t know if you can see my camera ‘on board’… it looked like he was bowling when he had to lose five seconds with his penalty, who cares, why are you going to kill three more if you have to lose five seconds? These things are what I don’t quite understand and so Marc’s accident seems very serious to me. Miguel Oliveira’s knee could have exploded and he would never race again. It was a brutal impact“, lamented the eldest of the Espargaró brothers with disgust.

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for your part, Fabio Quartararo considered that “Marc’s maneuver, of course, is at the limit, yes, of what is allowed, what is recommended. In the end it can happen, but it is difficult. It was a mistake, but Saturday happened with Joan Mir, which was my turn”, an opinion very similar to that of the current world champion, ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia.

“Marc was trying to keep the lead and not lose time, I think he didn’t want to overtake. What happens is that at this point there is a domino effect with braking. I think it was bad luck and a bad coincidence“argument.

Marc Márquez, affected after the accident with Miguel Oliveira

Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty

Marc Márquez assumed he had to show his face singing the ‘mea culpa’: “For me the most important thing is that Miguel (Oliveira) is fine, today another rider crashed because of me, my mistake, and that made me feel very bad, I already apologized personally to him and I’ll ask again here, I apologize to everyone your team and also to the Portuguese fans because it was their GP, but obviously it wasn’t my intention to make that mistake and end the race like that”, lamented Marc Márquez. Will I be able to be in Argentina? “Well, this question is not for you, I can’t nor do I want to answer it, because I don’t think it’s the most important thing, the most important thing is that Miguel is fine”.

The Repsol Honda Team announced this Monday that Marc Márquez will not race next weekend at the Argentine GP fully focus on his recovery after the operation he underwent on arrival in Madrid and arrive at his next appointments in the best possible condition.