“Girls, get dressed, let’s take a picture before the show starts. It’s just that if I don’t tell you, you’ll be naked for the least! You can’t see your breasts or anything, right?” So with this question, Juani de Lucía, the queen and chief of Baghdad, EL PERIÓDICO’s reportage began at Barcelona’s most famous erotic venue. There, in that underground room located next to the abandoned Teatre Arnau began the career of Nacho Vidal, porn actor whose life is embodied by actor Martiño Rivas in ‘Nacho’ series, recently released on ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

Much of the series was recorded there a year ago, after keeping the facilities closed for two years due to covid and a month before reopening the doors to coincide with the Mobile World Congress. “We opened on the 26th of February, when filming had not yet finished. In the morning they filmed the series, but at night they had to take everything off to get in. 40 people work here,” she says proudly. Her husband’s death two years ago left her alone in front of the room where many porn actors and actresses took their first steps. “I’ve never acted”, she clarifies, sitting in the command chair of her office from where she controls everything that goes on in the different spaces of the room: there are cameras everywhere.

in the series Pepa Charro, the Alcorcón Earthquake, personifies the patroness of Baghdad. “I don’t really like the characterization for now, but you have to see more chapters to give an opinion”, admits the discoverer of Nacho Vidal.

“Nacho came here when nobody knew him. He liked sex and wanted to be a world porn figure”

“He came here when nobody knew him. He made it very clear that he liked sex and that he wanted to be a world porn figure. He was young, handsome and with a good tool”, he says, referring to his XXXL dick, famous for its 25 centimeters, which appears in the final scene of the first chapter thanks to a special participation by the porn star. “Nacho liked fun and sex, but that constant debauchery he portrays surprised me. I miss the positive part of him”, says Juani, who confesses to having learned many things he didn’t know about him in that opening chapter.

“Nacho had a gift”, he remembers. His girlfriend at the time, Sara Bernat -a prostitute with whom he started out as a couple in the porn show- was the one who encouraged him to go to Baghdad.. “She thought: this has to be profitable. As Shakira says. She wanted to profit!” laughs Juani. She admits that the first time she saw Nacho Vidal naked, she was blown away. In addition to the size of “his tool her”, he connected with her. “Nacho was a handsome guy, daring, daring and an exhibitionist, which is very important. He liked to be looked at.”

Bet on it. He and his girlfriend got to work. First they learned a little more theatrical choreography to set up the porn scenes before moving on to hardcore sex. “We rehearsed everything but the sex parts because Nacho was always ready, erect. Never failed. That’s why we were so surprised that he shrank on his debut.”.

And it wasn’t just that day: “Nacho had a hard time getting his tool to work in public.” It took two weeks, he says. It didn’t work onstage, but passing through the curtain that separated him from the room made him hard as a rock. “He would be angry. How could that be?” he wondered. I was 22 years old and I didn’t understand anything. Juani was patient. “I trusted him and kept paying anyway. I knew the day his nerves stopped playing tricks on him and he played his first full show, he would unlock himself. And he did. Nacho is a sex animal.”

The transition, golden age

The best time in Baghdad, he says, was in the beginning, in full transition. “People would rather come here than go see movies in Perpignan. Every night the queue went around.” Now they are not bad either. “In the years I’ve been here, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come. A lot of women come here. Sometimes in pairs. And you see the man sitting there while she goes onstage and has sex with an actor. How we’ve changed! In Baghdad the people are liberated.” They offer several passes and tickets are not cheap: 90 euros. And every night, he says, there are people who indulge in live sex.

“People come to Barcelona for three things: Sagrada Familia, Barça and Baghdad”

Juani is the guardian of the essences of Baghdad. It has been open since 1975, in what was the site of the famous star La Bella Dorita. Its rules are clear: whatever happens in Baghdad stays in Baghdad, the sex that is practiced in the room must be consensual, he is not interested in numbers that use religious and sadistic symbols, he only accepts the paraphernalia to give it a different touch. “I take care of the show very well, I don’t have strong scenes that could hurt the sensitivity”, he points out.

Since the series was announced, it has received more requests than ever from people wanting an opportunity to work in Baghdad. “Every day they call more. Every day I have to reject people because I have a team with many artists. I have some appointments, payroll and contracts to pay”, explains Juani. If tomorrow another one appears with “a gift” like Nacho Vidal, it will be difficult for him.

Obviously, he hopes that the series will bring more audiences to the room, both for those who already know and for those who have never set foot in Badgad. Advertising, he says, needs little because his room is a city classic. “People come to Barcelona for three things: Sagrada Familia, Barça and Baghdad.”