Naomi Asensi from ‘Temptation Island’

  • The former ‘Isle of Temptations’ contestant shared a photo from her teenage years

  • Adrián Blanch’s girlfriend showed before and after in these ten years

  • In her youth, the Valencian woman had no breast surgery, had pink hair, a septum and fewer tattoos

It became a favorite of the new edition of ‘the island of temptations‘. Her way of being and her characteristic sense of humor catapulted her as one of the great revelations of recent months. That’s why, Naomi Asensi he’s letting himself know a little more. Now, the one who competes as Adrian Blanch’s partner taught your before and after with one teenager photowith him pink hair and before going through her breast augmentation.

Naomi Asensi shows what it was like as a teenager

It’s been a few years since then. Specifically, over a decade. at age 26the Valencian woman looked back on her early years to show the world how was he physically At this stage, it can become very complicated. In Noemi’s case, the image that has now surfaced denotes that she was already a woman of character, with very clear ideas. It is like, wasting personality.

And it is that, despite her ‘little’ age’, the protagonist of the sixth edition of ‘A Ilha das Tentações’ already enjoyed trying on your image. So much so that he had no qualms dye all your hair pink (saving the root). “The root was natural and, if I let it grow, with the sun it would lighten much more”, recalled the protagonist of ‘A Ilha das Tentações’, who now has much darker hair, almost black.

“I paint myself since I was a teenager”, he acknowledged the Valencian So much so that, as much as he tried to rummage through his trunk of memories, He couldn’t find any photographs with his natural hair.. But not all eyes turned to her long hair, because in the image too you can see a very changed Naomi Asensi.

With more female factionstypical of adolescence, with septum on the nose, but with much less tattoos than the ones you have now. But without a doubt, The physical change that most stands out to the naked eye is that of the chest.with which she herself confessed that had a “big complex”. And it is that in this photo he had not yet passed through the operating room.

The participant of ‘The Island of Temptations’ talks about her past

“I’ve had a huge complex all my life because she had horrible breastss”, assured the couple of Adrián Blanch, who showed in their official Instagram profile What was it like before going through the operating room? going through this cosmetic surgery that meant so much to her. And it is that for Naomi Asensi to have breast surgery was a clear before and after in his life, because he was able to say goodbye to the one who was the big complex of your adolescence.