Naomi, during her conversation with Napoli

Adriano and Noemi they started the adventure in ‘The island of temptations’ with the aim of strengthening their relationship. She wanted to end her doubts about him, and he was willing to show her that he could trust her word.

But all his attempts were thwarted. Hadrian he fell into temptation with Keyla, and when Naomi He saw it with his own eyes at the stake, he also saw it with Napoli. Both were unfaithful and now also maintain a bad vibes with your tempters favorites.

Keyla’s anger with Adrián

On another night at Villa Playa, Keyla approached Adrián to say something in a very serious tone: “By the way, When were you the one who asked me for space? I heard you told Sandra that you asked me for space.”

Unpublished | Keyla’s tremendous anger with Adrián: “I’m fucked up that you say to my face that you regret it”

In turn, he denied that this was true: “it hasn’t been any of that”, he said when seeking support from Alejandro. His partner tried to pass him a telegram: “I didn’t understand it that way either, really.”

“We heard badly,” Keyla replied, assuring them that they had heard absolutely everything. Hadrian He claims that what happened is that they took different sentences out of context and laments the situation: “I’m worried because I see distant keyla”.

Adrián, feeling guilty for the seductress

After a while, Naomi’s boyfriend was not satisfied and asked Keyla for a moment alone: ​​”I want you to talk and express yourself”. And, before she started the conversation, he took it upon himself to convey to her what he felt: “You are my biggest support here. I can’t afford to lose you. All I want you to feel is this is real. It’s the beginning, not the end.”

Keyla marks the distance with Adrián: “At what point did you ask me for space?”

But she did not address the charges and ended up venting to the program’s team: “I think my mental bitches are hurting Keyla and that is not fair”.

Naomi reaches the limit with Napoli

for your part, Naomi seems to live something like napoli in Vila Paraiso. They played dance with each other on the chair and Adrián’s girlfriend had to be the only one to sit down to be seduced. Napoli did not appear on the scene to play with her, and she felt offended and refused to do so, on the contrary.

“You don’t have to force me,” said the Italian. She automatically headed for her room. and although the rest of the townsfolk suggested to Napoli that he go upstairs to see what was the matter with him, he declined: “I know her, now I know there’s nothing wrong.”

Naomi and Napoli give free rein to their sexual attraction: their touching under the sheets

But boy did it happen. “I’m feeling that Napoli is not a support because He didn’t even come to ask me how I’m doing”, Naomi vented to the team.

The Italian explanations

The next morning, after meditating on what had happened and how she felt, Naomi decided to talk to the bachelor: “Last night… Couldn’t you ask if it was right or if it was wrong?”.

“You went to your prom,” he apologized. But, amazingly, this argument was of no use: “All single girls feel supported and I don’t. Because I was bad yesterday. I would like to have a guy who is also supportive.”