Joan Laporta, during a press conference.Joan Monfort (AP)

Joan Laporta continues without explanations about the Negreira case. Still without explaining the payments of more than seven million euros to José María Enríquez Negreira, vice-president of the Technical Arbitration Commission (CTA) until 2018, the president of Barcelona only gave two types of answers. One to limit his liability during his first term (2003-2010). “These complaints were made with the corresponding invoice and had documentary and video support”, he defended. The other, more repeated, is used to victimize the club. “I really want to face all the scoundrels that are tarnishing our shield”, emphasized Laporta.

At the Camp Nou 1899 Auditorium, in front of all the captains of the professional sections of Barcelona, ​​​​Laporta showed his more political side, above all the more persuasive one, to air the directors of the different clubs. “Barcelona’s feeling can’t be bought or sold, but it can’t be soiled either. There are some fierce attacks to sully our shield, which have nothing to do with reality,” said the president. And he added: “They will not succeed because Barca captains represent our values ​​and our feelings and you show that on the pitch when you give everything and even the last drop of blood.”

Last Friday, the Public Ministry denounced that the millionaire payments were made with the objective of Negreira “to carry out actions tending to favor FC Barcelona in the decision-making of the referees in the matches that the club played and, therefore, in the results of the competitions Two days later, an unexpected actor appeared: Real Madrid. issued a statement in which he assured that he would appear as an injured party in the case – as soon as the judge opens it to the injured parties – and expressed his “deep concern about the seriousness of the facts”. But Madrid is not the only one who announced that he will appear in the The Superior Council of Sports (CSD) will do the same. “It is a very ugly issue, it worries us and discredits sport and Spanish football”, announced José Manuel Franco, president of the CSD.

“It also happens that some, motivated by envy, try to corrode our reputation with campaigns carried out in bad faith”, insisted Laporta before Busquets, Putellas and company. The prosecution, which requested that Luis Enrique and Ernesto Valverde testify as witnesses at the Negreira case, accuses two former presidents of Barcelona, ​​​​Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, with the crimes of unfair administration and document falsification. The denunciation, in any case, also leaves Laporta in the pillory, who in his first term increased payments to Negreira. In his only statement before the Federal Revenue Service, the former referee stated that he was hired because Barca wanted to guarantee “neutral” arbitrations that would not harm him. “You can be sure that the board of directors that I have the honor of chairing will defend you with all our strength”, concluded Laporta.

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