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After a letter in which he tried to respond to the Tax Agency about the activity carried out by Dasnil 95 SL, José María Enríquez Negreira personally faced, in October 2021, the questioning of the inspectors.

This is the transcript:

About the arbitration commission

Inspection: What positions did you hold in the Spanish Football Federation?

slave: I was vice chairman of the arbitration committee from 25 years to 2 and a half years ago. He was one of the three vice-presidents of the arbitration commission along with Medín Prego and Franco Martínez. The president was Sánchez Armenio.

Inspection: What duties did you have as vice chairman of the arbitration committee?

slave: We met in Madrid every week or every 15 days. What we did was review the reports made by the referees (the minutes) after each game and evaluate them. Based on this score, the referee can move up in category. We also had an informant from the federation who checked that the refereeing was correct. Prepare technical lectures (training) for referees. Meet with the regional presidents.

Inspection: Was one of his duties to appoint the arbitrators?

slave: No, he appointed the president.

Inspection: How much did you earn to be vice president?

slave: I have not loaded anything. I never wanted to get paid because I already had my company and I got paid from Fútbol Club Barcelona.

Inspection: Why did you stop being vice president?

slave: Because José Mº Villar (president of the Federation) had problems with the law and stopped being president of the Federation. The new president (Rubiales) dismissed the entire previous directive.

About FC Barcelona

Inspection: What services did you provide through Dasnil to FC Barcelona?

slave: Going to watch games (in person or through other former referees) and being informed of why decisions were made. Fútbol Club Barcelona considered that the team was disadvantaged and other teams were favored (this is a personal hypothesis, nobody told me directly). My obligation was to give my opinion on the games in terms of refereeing and players. Technical advice. What Fútbol Club Barcelona wanted was to ensure that no decision was taken against him, that everything was neutral.

Inspection: How long have you been providing these services?

slave: About 13 years ago.

Inspection: How did you charge?

slave: First by NILSAD and then by DASNIL.

Inspection: Does the moment you stop being vice-president of the arbitration commission coincide with the moment you stop providing services to Barcelona?

black: Yes, Barcelona decided unilaterally. In fact, I sent a letter to Bartomeu and complained about breach of contract, then I called him, but he didn’t answer.

Inspection: In which account did you collect your Fútbol Club Barcelona invoices?

slave: Through the bank account of Banco Sabadell.

Inspection: Have you ever returned part of what you received to someone?

slave: No, I intended it for DASNIL or for myself.

Inspection: Have you ever paid a referee or former referee with what you received from Fútbol Club Barcelona?

slave: No.

Inspection: Who was your contact person at Fútbol Club Barcelona?

slave: Rosell and Bartomeu.

Inspection: Did you meet regularly to give advice?

slave: I saw them a maximum of 6 times a year.

Inspection: Is there any document, report or similar that includes the conclusions of the advice you provided through DASNIL to Fútbol Club Barcelona?

slave: No.

Inspection: How did you send invoices to Fútbol Club Barcelona?

slave: By email.

Inspection: So, if they met a maximum of 6 times a year and there were no written reports, why did they pay you the amounts billed by DASNIL, which are as follows? (Table is shown)

slave: Because that way they were calm that in the arbitration committee there were no decisions against Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​​​​​that everything was neutral.

other questions

Inspection: Why did (your son) Javier from DASNIL receive it?

slave: For administering DASNIL when he was sick.

Inspection: Did your son Javier make arbitration reports for Dasnil?

slave: No.

Inspection: Among the services you billed to Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​​​​​do you include reports prepared by your son?

slave: NO.

inspection: How do you know Josep Contreras?

slave: I meet him two or three times.

Inspection: Did you introduce Contreras to Javier?

slave: No.

inspection: Do you know if your son Javier did any work, construction projects or interior design in Contreras?

slave: I don’t know.

Inspection: Do you know if your child has had a coaching session at Contreras?

slave: No, not coach, maybe something else. As a coach it makes no sense because of age.’ Mr. Contreras is a very old person.

Inspection: Do you know if your child has had a training session with a Barcelona Football Club player or manager?

slave: I don’t know.

Inspection: Do you know the company TRESEP?

slave: No, I don’t know her.

Inspection: Have you produced articles for Mundo Deportivo?

slave: No, my son did, I just put the name to make it more flashy.

Inspection: Does what Fútbol Club Barcelona paid you have anything to do with your opinion (in your case through your son) in favor of Barcelona in Mundo Deportivo?

slave: No.