Gavi He was left without a first-team record. There are two versions in this regard, the League indicates that the club has filed the claim after the deadline, while the Barça club guarantees that it is a decision of the judge, that it is not a final sentence and that it can appeal (the latter, the possibility of appeal, LaLiga also points out). And that, therefore, the precautionary measure will not be suspended until it is firm. What is clear is that the footballer will be able to continue playing in the first team. It remains to be seen with which token. LaLiga understands that with the notification received from court number 10 of Barcelona, ​​​​​​it returns to the situation immediately before the precautionary measures.

The story is as follows. LaLiga had rejected Gavi’s registration for the first team to understand that Barcelona had no room within their wage bill. The Barcelona club did not agree with this thesis and therefore filed a petition with the judge asking him to cautiously allow registration while this issue was resolved.

Laporta and Gavi, the football player’s renewal day.

The judge granted Barcelona’s request because not registering it would have some “irreparable consequences” for the club. That yes, the Barcelonan entity should present a demand for the issue to be resolved in the courts. LaLiga complied with the judge’s determination and registration allowed. However, the club did not fulfill its part by filing the action after the deadline.

Therefore, the judge withdrew the precautionary measures and Gavi returns to his former condition. That is, he has the previous contract, so he will have to play with the subsidiary file. And the worst part isn’t that, it’s that from June the player’s release clause is zero euros, so any club can take him away for free.

Why did Barça fail to register Gavi in ​​the starting lineup?

On February 20th, in a lecture to explain the salary limits of the winter market, javier gomez, father of the economic control of LaLiga, explained the situation in which Gavi found itself. The following is.

After the summer, Barcelona renewed Gavi and wanted to sign him into the first team. To sign up Gavi with your new salary, Barça had to comply with two articles. First, the 93.6approved last November in the new regulation of economic control, which says that when a club carried out exceptional operations like Barça with the sale of assets, it must present a treasury plan for the next two seasons demonstrate that the hires or renewals you want to make are viable. On the other hand, article 101in force since 2013, which says that when a player is renewed you have to see the limit of the following season.

Barca saved the cards chop It is memphis in the winter market, but being outbid (the elimination in the Champions League weighed heavily) he only managed to spend 40% of what he saved with those chips. Those 40% he gave to pay Gavi’s card this season, but not if one looked more long termas the treasury plan that LaLiga asks Barcelona points out.

Gavi can continue playing until June 30 with a subsidiary record because last summer Barcelona asked permission for him to play this season in that situation, but from that date you will have to find a solution.