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In Qatar they outline a second proposal to tie the Argentine

Leo puts the sporting project before the economic one

in Qatar They are finalizing the details of a second offer that PSG will present to Leo Messi extend his contract with the Parisian club for at least one more season.

According to Doha sources, it is Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani himself, emir of Qatar, who gave orders to take a new step to ensure the continuity of the Argentine star and that his involvement in elite football ends up being a PSG player.

PSG is in a difficult moment with the premature elimination of the Champions League, a trophy he had been yearning for for over a decade. Having an attack made up of Messi, Mbappé and Neymar has not been enough to get past the qualifiers and go far in the competition

This ‘KO’ leads him to rethink his project but there are parts that must be kept, which are untouchable. As is the case with Mbappé and Messi himself. PSG would like to break with Neymar, but in this case it is the Brazilian who uses his contract years to continue.

Mbappé and Messi, with PSG


a second date

During the draw against Bayern, which meant the elimination of Paris from Europe, andlPSG, through Luis Campos, its sporting director, met with Jorge Messi, player’s agent and father. In this match, PSG Presented you a first offer that does not satisfy Messi, even because the sports project was not clear. Messi prioritizes titles over a good contract and for that he needs the team to have a good squad. In this first meeting, Jorge Messi did not receive enough guarantees that this would be the case.

Now, PSG is rethinking its entire policy to really have a team capable of playing in the Champions League and Messi is considered essential. For all this, when this new offer/project is designed (it is almost outlined by what they tell us about Qatar), PSG will sit down with Jorge Messi again to pass him a second proposal.

Thus, Leo, who is now in Argentina, will have the say in deciding where he will pursue his sports career.