Nicola Sturgeon broke her silence after her husband’s arrest and pledged to fully cooperate with the investigation (AP)

former scottish minister Nicola Sturgeonbroke the silence this Saturday since the arrest of her husband this week, who is investigating him for alleged wrongdoing in the Scottish National Party (SNP).

from your home in Glasgow, the former president spoke to the press at a brief press conference and admitted that these last few days have been “obviously difficult”. Then he asked for “respect” both for his family and for the neighbors, affected by the strong police operation mounted in the area and long press guards in front of his house.

“The last few days have obviously been difficult, quite intense at times, but I understand that is part of the process”commented and added that although understands the “scrutiny that falls on me as a public figurealso I’m entitled to some privacy in my own home.”. “I just want to get back to my life and my work,” he said.

Sturgeon said the last few days have been difficult and asked for respect and privacy (AP)

Queried by the press, Sturgeon refused to give more details about the ongoing investigation, although he assured that She has not been questioned by Police but will cooperate “fully when asked if they need to”.

Murrell was arrested this Wednesday – just a week after his wife stepped down as head of government after nine years– and questioned by detectives investigating the funds allegedly intended for the Scottish independence campaign, including over £600,000.

Last month, on the other hand, the man had also tendered his resignation as chief executive of the party in the midst of conjectures that suggested that he could be the target of a vote of no confidence on the part of the members of the Executive of the formation.

Peter Murrell was arrested on Wednesday and questioned by police (REUTERS)

Along with arresting the suspect, the Police attacks at the SNP headquarters in Edinburgh and also at the couple’s home.

Hours later, Murrell was released without charge. although the training assured that it will review “the governance and transparency” of its finances.

Police raided the couple’s home in Glasgow (REUTERS)

This aspect has been multiple suspicions in recent years, mainly after a series of complaints and donations dating back to 2021 that cast doubt on the funds the party received for a potential new campaign for a referendum in favor of Scottish independence.

The couple remains firm in their position of innocence and guarantees that their resignations are not related to these accusations. sturgeon holds the transparency of accounts and funds raised for the hypothetical query – which added some 667,000 pounds between 2017 and 2020- while Murrell noted to have contributed out of pocket over £107,000 in June 2021 to clean up the SNP’s finances after the last elections.

However, moments before the ex-official made statements to the press, the president of the Party, mike russelspoke to the media the herald and lamented that this episode represents the association’s biggest crisis in half a century.

Mike Russell has acknowledged that he does not believe Scottish independence can now be achieved, but he is willing to work towards it.

“In my 50 years of association with the Party, This is the biggest and most difficult crisis we have ever faced.. But I have an obligation to the Party and to the Scottish independence movementthat has been a big part of my life for so long.”

On this issue, he acknowledged that “I don’t think I can be sure right now. We have to work to get a coordinated campaign, but I think it can be achieved.”. “My main goal is how we can create a new Sim movement that allows for different visions but takes place in an atmosphere of mutual trust,” he concluded.

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