Oscar Casas and Candela González, during a filming

Oscar Casas and Begoña Vargas broke up in 2021 after two years of relationship. A few months later, uncomfortable talking about his private life, brother of Mario Casas He assured that the actress who was his partner was “a wonderful woman, with a career ahead of her, which is also precious and beautiful”. At that time, he did not leave the door open to a second chance or a new relationship, as the actor assured that he wanted to go “little by little” and that it was time to “enjoy family and work”.

Óscar Casas’ viral choreography with Begoña Vargas

Now, two years after finishing that love story, Óscar Casas was caught kissing his new girlfriend. According to HELLO magazine, the interpreter started a relationship with Candela González at the end of 2022a rap singer who took her first steps into acting at the hands of her brother, now director Mario Casas.

Oscar Casas and Candela GonzalezEurope Press Entertainment

Oscar, Mario and Candela GonzálezEurope Press Entertainment

Between October and December last year, Mario Casas was the director and co-writer of ‘my loneliness has wings, a personal story covering his years at Juventus on the outskirts of Barcelona. His brother Óscar became the protagonist of the film and was accompanied by great colleagues who, coming from other professional worlds, became actors for the first time for this film.

Oscar and Candela GonzalezEurope Press Entertainment

Who is Candela Gonzalez?

She was born in Málaga in 1998, is 25 years old and was spotted making out with Óscar in Málaga, during the Film Festival. Oscar presented the series headless chickens, created by Jorge Valdano Sáenz. He has more than nine thousand followers on Instagram, on networks that call himself candle light and the Casas brothers follow her and not only comment on her photos. Deborah Fraçois, former partner of Mário Casas Which she is now again related to, she commented on some of Candela’s photos: “We are lucky to find such a wonderful Vio. Thank you beautiful.” Her leap to the big screen changed the young woman’s personal and professional life. Candela was a rapper from the Free Sis Mafia collective.

How does Mario Casas talk about his brother Óscar’s girlfriend?

In an interview with SER a few months ago, right after filming ended, Mario Casas spoke publicly about Candela and the surprise he had when he discovered her. “Then there’s Candela, who will get people talking. Candela, if she wants and likes it, she will work harder. I don’t know what will happen in his life in five years, but I think he’s someone with talent.with purity, with charisma, with race and, above all, she is a woman of today”, said the actor and director.

Mario Casas: “I became more obsessive and demanding, maybe because I got older”

As for the staff, Mário assured that Candela has “character, power and personality”. “And then he doesn’t move. He has a lot of ‘power’ and an overflowing naturalness”, he said about what today is known to be part of his family.