Not long ago we were talking about the performance improvements with Intel’s updated drivers compared to those released in November. Here we could see that there were no big differences in most of the games except Far Cry 6 and CSGO. Although, intel announced that with the new drivers everything will change in your favor, because even a Arc A750 will have outperform NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 in the latest games.

The Intel Arc were the first dedicated graphics launched by the company after dedicating themselves only to having iGPU. This gave Intel a bad reputation among gamers, with the running joke that if you had a intel graphics, forget to play. At least until recently, as Arc GPUs are, thankfully, capable of gaming at decent FPS rates. Of course, for this it is advisable to upgrade to latest driverswhich at this time and according to the Intel website are the 101.4146 WHQLlaunched in February 28, 2023.

Intel Arc A750 is above RTX 3060 with latest drivers

Intel Wo Long Performance Arc A750 Drivers

Intel has managed to show that things get better with time, at least as far as drivers for their graphics cards are concerned. It’s true that in the last few months there hasn’t been a big increase in FPS unless you play old games, but apparently with new games it’s another story. As indicated, the Last game in Driversie those mentioned above. We already talked about this at the beginning of March, where support for new games and optimizations in Halo Infinitebut no performance numbers.

Now Intel has finally decided to reveal these big performance improvements and to do so, it has used modern games as a benchmark. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. here the Arc A750 8GB It seems to be superior to RTX 3060 from NVIDIA thanks to the latest drivers. So we see a eleven% advantage for Intel 1080P It is 17% more FPS for 1440P.

In addition, they promised optimizations in infinity halo and according to the company itself, players will reach up to one 40% performance boost. To give us an idea of ​​current performance, Intel guarantees that its Arc A750 is capable of reaching 120FPS at 1080P Ultra It is 91 FPS at 1440P Ultra.

Arc A750 achieves up to 84% more FPS/$ than an RTX 3060

Intel Arc A750 Performance Price

If what Intel promises is fulfilled in real tests, we would be facing one of the graphics with better performance/price. In fact, in countries like JapanO Arc A750 is sold for 140 euros alone, a whole candy. Knowing this, Intel started to show us the best part and that most interests today’s gamers, the performance/price. If a graphics card achieves a good ratio between power and cost, we already have a clear winner.

Intel knows this and is therefore proud to show the Arc A750 as the absolute leader, completely destroying NVIDIA. Common price approaching one RTX 3050but with more Performance what RTX 3060, Intel shows us how its graphics are the best option. In the games shown, it is observed how the A750 offers between a Return/dollar ratio 46 and 84% better invested. If we listen to Intel and trust those numbers, clearly many of us would want to buy an Arc.

Although clear, in Spain the price of an A750 It is similar or even superior to an RTX 3060 on sale. Furthermore, we have already seen that these are not sold as expected and both NVIDIA and AMD outperform them of GPUs. As always, we recommend viewing reviews and performance comparisons to see how much they differ from what is shown on the Internethe.