Paula Echevarria

  • The room has a blackboard, lots of storage space and a table with chairs for Miki to play with.

  • The actress bet on functionality and created a multipurpose room

  • The main piece of furniture becomes a double bed and a couple of folding tables.

Paula Echevarria He reopened the doors of his home to us once more. On the occasion, through her Instagram, the actress showed what was the result of the Guest room your home after renovation.

Accompanied by the carousel of photos she published, the influencer also explained that when she moved, mikiher second child from the relationship with michael torres, was not yet born, so with master bedroom, guest bedroom and living room, it was more than enough for them. However, with the arrival of the little one at the house, the guest room became the child’s room, which limited the space dedicated to those who came to visit them.

Paula EchevarriaInstagram

Also, now that the boy started to grow, he needed a space to play and walk around without having all his toys scattered around the house. For that very reason, Echevarría had the idea of ​​renovating his house and now, some time later, that idea has materialized in a multipurpose room.

Game room and guest room

Paula made it clear that she needed to make that space, which in her time was a living room, a guest room with everything you need being the best hostess, but at the same time, a place where Miki could spend time and keep her toys in order.

The solution came from a bed furniture. While closed, the bed surface is a big blackboard where the little one of the house spends hours drawing. On both sides, the piece of furniture where the mattress is transformed into something perfect shelves for storing toys and also, two small tables that are extracted from itthey turn into deep trunks where to store your belongings. all this in immaculate white wood matching the curtains that cover the big window.

On the other hand, one tv hanging on the wall on another piece of furniture in the same tone with more storage space. Furthermore, it has a small table and chairs so that the child can play on it and not stay on the floor, which is also covered with a striking yellow carpet with white polka dots.

Paula Echevarria’s PlayroomInstagram

Double bed and mustard colors

It’s time to receive guests, and this wonderful game room becomes the perfect space to welcome them. One comes out of the furniture double bed doubling where cushions and details in mustard yellow they blend in perfectly with the rug underfoot.

With the toys collected and the table and chairs placed in the right place, this multipurpose room becomes a cozy and modern placewhere the furniture in light tones do the painted paper covering the main walls is the main protagonist. The tone gray green of the columns, added to the paper floral motifs, give a different touch to the environment. Also, in front of the big window, a floor to ceiling closet covers the entire wall to add extra functionality to the room.

This is the home of Paula Echevarría