Years go by, but souls never die. The genre created from demonic souls evolved over the years by the hands of FromSoftware and other studios have reformulated these bases to add to their works game systems similar to those we can find in works as well known as dark souls. Although, sometimes “inspiration” can get out of hand, and that’s exactly what happened to Dark Faith: Abandoneda new title of the genre that was released on March 10 and which was accused of plagiarizing the animations of elden ring (you can have a look at our guide). Apparently This soulslike is not that it recycles the combat system or other mechanics, but it is directly accused of copying the animations of the 2022 GOTY to the millimeter

Bleak Faith: Forsaken Developer Says He Never Meant To Plagiarize FromSoftware

I saw this video online. Bleak Faith: Forsaken is using 100% animations taken directly from Elden Ring 1:1“, commented Meowmaritus, one of the main pillars of Dark Souls modding. “I don’t allow people to use my DS Anim Studio software to help export animations to later include them in commercial products or sell them on the Epic Games Store”. accusations, which have gone quite viral, one of the developers of Bleak Faith: Forsaken, berfaith42made some statements via the game’s official Discord deny that they had plagiarized elden ringor at least on purpose:

We’ve always been transparent about using Epic Marketplace for good animations that fit our theme.. The rest came naturally, we just needed more variety and I’m not a professional animator, I had to learn for this game,” said an Archangel Studio member.The only other thing from the Epic Marketplace that was used is the generic VFX, which was actually a waste of time. because they made things that looked pretty much the same anyway, and things so generic that they don’t require art direction,” he added.

The whole world was built by hand. So only about 10% of the art was outsourced, while AAA companies outsource about 70% of their art (as they have the budget, we don’t have that option, so any ideas we have must be done in-house). ” The developer’s statements are clear and ensure that at no time was there any intent to plagiarize what would be the animations of Elden Ring, we tried to do everything by hand, as indicated.

“I want to emphasize that this decision comes from a purely artistic point of view. As an artist, I’m proud of all the craftsmanship and unique things I’ve built over the years.. I definitely didn’t know that none of the animations were really similar to anything else, I just thought we were doing business with a legitimate entity and that their work fit our vision of combat. If this seller is illegitimate, we will all be victims of nefarious behavior“.