Titanfall 2, the Respawn installment praised for its story mode, is heavily discounted on the PlayStation digital store.

Every week at 3DJuegos we keep you informed about the different offers and promotions related to the world of video games so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase different products at a lower price than usual. Today we’re here to talk to you about a discount that caught our attention and has to do directly with titanfall 2he shooter in electronic arts developed by Respawn Entertainment.

We’re talking about a shooting and action game set in a futuristic science fiction world where the titanic technology It has a great highlight, and from here we want to recommend it deeply because we liked it very much in its time. You can currently find it at a discount at ps store for 4.39 eurosinstead of the 19.99 euros it costs as a base now.

It is at 4.39 euros on the PlayStation Store

It has to be said that Offer expires March 16as part of the promotion Mega March from the PlayStation digital store. If you want to convince yourself before buying, you can do so at no additional cost by taking advantage of the trial that is available in the same store. Plus, if you’re an EA Play subscriber, the game is included with the service, so don’t worry.

an amazing campaign

If we recommend you give Titanfall 2 a try, it’s because we truly believe it’s worth it. Yes, it has a very frantic multiplayer mode where land combat, parkour and battles controlling giant titans are mixed, but what surprises is its story mode. For many, Titanfall 2 has the best campaign of a shooter that you can find on the market, although there are always opinions of all kinds in this regard.

In it you control Jack Cooper, a pilot who, as a child, his family moved to the Frontier in search of a better life due to the brutal restructuring of society on Earth and the distribution of wealth. You will be part of the militia together with a faithful companion, the titan BT-7274a Vanguard-class Titan that will help you fight the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) that claims dominance of the territory.

Your campaign is a constant display of originality

But it is not its narrative that surprises the most, but the high doses of originality that are at their levels. With a very pleasing gameplay based on flowing through the scenarios and performing unbridled action, Respawn implements 2 innovative ideas in Titanfall to make its campaign not just a series of consecutive screens, but a whole demonstration of how to face design and mechanics to surprise the player with every step he takes. Also, it doesn’t unnecessarily increase its duration and you can complete it smoothly in less than five hours.

Our opinion on Titanfall 2

If you want to delve even deeper into what the Respawn shooter has to offer, we recommend you check out the titanfall 2 review that we published at the time on the occasion of the original launch of the game on different platforms in October 2016. In it, we recommend it and make it clear what we like about its campaign, but we also point out that it offers a very solid multiplayer modality:

titanfall 2 surprised us with its campaign, full of daring ideas and different from the traditional cinematic shooter, while offering a more solid and packed multiplayer, capable of offering greater versatility as we advance through all its levels. A frenetic work that goes beyond being the best in point and shoot, it enriches the genre and gives new appeal to anyone who thinks they’ve seen it all.”