the boys from deep silverthat carry with the project of Dead Island 2 in hand for over a decade. After several resets and developer changes, a game that seemed doomed to limbo finally sees the light for PS4, PS5, One, Series X|S and PC, but far from ending badly, it has a looks extremely promising.

Finally, it’s the dambuster developer that brings us a game that has many points in common with the first title, released in 2011, but that refines all the ingredients to give them a new touch of glamour. And is that the thing is “glam”, because this time the action takes place in a crazy version of Los Angeles (to call HELL) where zombies send everything to hell.

We were able to test the first 6 hours of the game to familiarize ourselves with the new dynamic. For starters, we can now choose between 6 different characters (unlike the 4 in the original), who have a very marked difference in their character and strengths.

Thus, there are those with greater speed, with more strength, resistance… But, in addition, each has a different skill card. And that’s it, recovering that gustirrinín for the role of the original, here we can go assigning cards that give us some extra advantages, such as improving our damage rate with each hit or multiplying our resistance when we are low on health.

Some cards are irrevocably tied to each character, but based on exploration we’ll find others to create a more personalized experience.

But, of course, this is just one facet of the experience, as In Dead Island 2, the main thing is to explore the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles (from Beverly Hills to the backstage of a movie studio) to complete missions and slaughter dozens, hundreds of zombies.


DEAD ISLAND 2 is a SHOW – Advance after the first 6 hours of gameplay!

To explore, we are clearly indicated where our next objective is, be it an object to recover or a person to talk to, but along the way we may have to solve a small puzzle: find the fuse to open a door, find a way to unlock an elevator…

were also added some research areas (in the style of Detective modes from Batman Arkham or Assassin’s Creed), in which we must look for clues about what happened. These sections slow the pace down a bit, but don’t distract us too much from what’s cool: facing off against the undead.

Logically, we still have the possibility of kick enemies to move away and lose them momentarily, in addition to the spectacular flying kick who can throw them several meters back, but here we come for “little toys”, right?

To fight, “my weapon”

As already happened in the original, we have all types of weapons, especially melee, with which to give cane. There are different categories and this is important when attacking. Thus, there are the fundamentally sharp ones, ideal for cutting off limbs, but also the strong ones, which can more effectively crush the most bestial enemies.

Combining the different types of weapons gives rise to “creative” murders, because the zombies are losing flesh and limbs in an incredibly realistic way, even in the smallest details. Thus, mutilating their legs will help to slow them down, but we can also rip off their arms so that they can’t hit us.

If we damage them enough and throw them to the ground, we can give them a footstep that destroys them the head and get rid of them once and for all.

Of course, we must observe our resistance bar, since we can’t run the hardest attacks constantly. Balance, friends.

But we also have the elemental attacks: Some weapons will have an electrical or fire effect, for example, that will deal special damage to certain types of zombies. If you wet them first, electrical damage will be multiplied, for example.

As is tradition, we can use the workbenches to add extra effects to weapons or repair them, as long as we have the necessary parts, as they all decompose with use. You also need to find blueprints to unlock new types of weapons to craft.

Play with the scenarios (acid pools, gasoline puddles, water fountains, etc) will be essential to perform collateral damage and lots of fun.

And it is that, if something draws attention at the beginning of the game, it is the tremendously carefree and crazy that is, without at the same time failing to look “realistic”, with all the quotes in the world. Although at first sight it can be a little “scary”, the game soon encourages us to experiment and face the zombies in different ways, just to see what happens, how they react.

Let’s find maces, katanas, scaffolding bars or even claws “a la Wolverine” so we can enjoy the show our way.

HELL, show city

of course it helps a technical section that is looking very cool to us, mainly due to the level of detail that the enemies have. That way, we can open their chests and, while they’re still “alive”… check if their organs are moving inside!

The sets are also very spectacular, which reproduce the city’s architecture very well, but also have all kinds of moving details. The color palette is particularly impressive if we play with HDR enabled.

We are not used to a game with rotten enemies being so “beautiful”, since now. Us we play on xbox series x and it’s amazing to see some scenarios while many zombies jump in the air or catch fire while we “play” with them. Of course, expect tons of blood and really, really stupid attacks.

Also, it’s fun to discover how the destruction or the dead we find are telling us stories of what happened there, from weddings gone wrong to some hectic film shooting.

There will be time to tell you in detail how it is Dead Island 2 when it releases on April 21stbut for now we recognize that surprised us at once how much it invites us to experiment, how much it has added humor to the formula and how beautiful it is. It might not be the trip to Los Angeles you were hoping for, but it might just be the one you needed.