Finally we can enjoy this forgotten episode of one of the most beloved horror sagas.

We are having a very vindicating year that classic horror from PlayStation 2, GameCube and Wii, TRUE? between the return of Silent Hill 2, resident Evil 4 It is dead space; which is still a revival title from this era, it’s clear that we love them. But what makes them so special? I have it clear: lots of exploration, backtracking, scares, item collecting and shocking stories, claustrophobia, lack of bullets and ammo, and the constant feeling of powerlessness.

I don’t know about you, but when I come across a game that claims all these little things, I get married. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but give me ten hours of that and you’ll make me happy. So much so that even the usual problems inherited from that time seem minor to me. Not that I forgive them, but this classic way of drawing works so well for me. that I ended up accepting.

In this context comes Project Zero 4: Lunar Eclipse Mask. This video game originally appeared in our lives in 2008 for Wii. And it rigorously fulfills everything expected from one of these video games. oppressive scenario, dark past, handing over keys, closed doors, going back, many notes to tell its story, and ghosts, many ghosts that know how to scare.

Project Zero 4 launches in the west for the first time

If you’ve never played one Project Zero, you should know that all of their titles have three peculiarities: their terror is based on Japanese folklore, they are led by cute fragile-looking girls, and there is always a camera capable of annihilating ghosts. This fourth installment has all those elements. The protagonist returns to an island and an institution where she spent her childhood. He buried in his memory all the memories of what happened therebut these come up as you move through the building.

The interesting thing is that in this game Goichi Suda participated as designer and director, that is, Suda 51

What happened to her and everyone who shared her past was sinister, so ghosts abound. You must solve puzzles, find items to heal and progress, trust the wrong person, face ghosts and discover the truth. The interesting thing is that in this game Goichi Suda participated as designer and director, that is, sweat 51the author of no more hero. His hand shows how his story is elaborated. As far as exploration is concerned, It’s everything you’d expect from scary video games of this era..

However, it is not its plot that I want to highlight, but its setting and its way of generating terror. The coolest thing about this game is how it manages to give you goosebumps in every room you enter. It does so by changing the music, with noise or a change in the tone of the image. You freeze when the screen goes dark or something falls next to you. Then you must take your camera and check, through its lens, if there are any ghosts nearby.

Project Zero 4 gave me some wonderful scares

The way to deal with these entities is simple, but distressing. You have to focus on them, keep aiming at them until a bar fills up and then shoot. And here comes the anguish: if there are several who are approaching you, you have to play with your head and strategy. It takes an agonizing load time to get the next shot, so it might be better to turn around and find better placement.

And running away is not always an option. The building itself behaves like one more enemy. He closes doors when he wants to, forces us through a series of milestones before letting us out of his room, and plays with lights and shadows to intimidate us. This constant restlessness is the reason why Playing Project Zero 4 is worth it if you like that genre. But this is not the best of the series. My favorite is still 2. The problems that this game has, and that prevent it from being one of the best in the franchise, already existed in its original release and now they are worse.

Because this is not a new video game, it’s from Wii And what does this mean? Well, its design is subject to that machine’s motion controls. I’ve played on PC and on your PlayStation 5 version, and adaptation to the command is not very successful. Navigating rooms, exploring, turning or moving is not satisfying at all. Doing things like walking out a door, fixing an object, or dodging multiple ghosts is orthopedic and uncomfortable. You can fiddle with the controls and choose from various operating schemes, but I haven’t found any that I like.

Unfortunately, it’s very noticeable that it’s a Wii game on the controls.

This problem escalates with the design of your levels. Very long and narrow corridors are constant, and our protagonist runs very little. It is very slow, which ends up making you angry for being a game with a lot of rewind. Also, it’s hard to know which door you can go through and which you can’t. True, the title sets goals for you, and when you pick up a key it explains which door it opens, but it’s not so kind to others. To increase this feeling of slowness and heaviness, Goichi exaggerated the notes a little. There are many, falling a little into the “too much text” meme.

Seems to me like a very lazy port that doesn’t do the original game any favors

The game is slow until you find and collect items. First you must move the right stick so that your flashlight shines on them, and then hold down the B button for a long time until your protagonist wants to pick it up. For every little item, an unnecessarily solemn moment is generated with the hand outstretched for it. And if you get a door wrong, and it’s locked, Project Zero 4 He doesn’t just say, “girl, it’s closed, get on with your life.” Instead, it features an animation of her trying to open it to no avail.

These control issues The gaming experience left me quite bitter. I even had a few dizzy spells trying to turn around to straighten my steps and go to the right place. The truth is, I think all of this should have been fixed for this re-release. It wasn’t made, which is why I think it’s a very lazy port that doesn’t do the original game any favors.

It’s a really slow horror title too tank

To end the play the title comes in English. I appreciate that it finally reaches Spanish territory, but there are already fan projects that have translated the original into our language. Where you can see that there was a good hand is in the improvement of the lights. Setup is very successful and the jump to high definition is appreciated. However, it is an imperfect work: there are horrible textures, mainly the ones on the doors. And there is an enormous contrast between the faces of the protagonists, so defined, so beautiful, so neat, with surfaces that were recreated without any care.

For all these reasons, I cannot recommend this port. Project Zero 4 It’s a good game because it carries the essence of the saga. The story is very good, it goes through many tense and very interesting moments, and the setting is very well done. But more work was needed on its Wii port for current consoles, both in terms of textures, language and navigation. If you like the series, go for it, you won’t be disappointed. But if you don’t have such a passion for the fans, you might end up leaving the game because of its control, weight and slowness. Of course, if you overcome that toll, you’ll open that magical door that will take you back to the stupendous terror of a magical age.

The return of Project Zero 4 to our lives should have been done with more care. The good of the saga is still here. Its story is interesting and that horror from 2008 is great, but its control is very heavy, navigation through the scenarios is clumsy and the work at a visual level is not even perfect. Fans of the saga will welcome it with open arms, but it will not convince any neophyte to delve into Project Zero.

Buy Project Zero 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

  • It’s very noticeable that it’s a Wii game due to a poorly adapted controller.

  • The scenery and ghost hunting continues to make your hair stand on end.

  • The story and exploration are very good.

  • Keep upgrading your camera works great.

  • But it’s a very slow game even to collect items

View the Project Zero 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse file

Players: 1

Language: English texts and Japanese voices

Duration: 13-15 hours