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One of the keys to the draw between PSG and Bayern Munich has been the Bavarians’ defense. Against one of the most feared strikers on the planet, those of Nagelsmann managed to dry them in the first leg and also in the returnleaving the score clean in both games.

At Allianz Arena, Alphonso Davie stood outs. It looked like they played two. He went down to cover centers and herd balls and, in a matter of seconds, the Canadian was already looking for the bottom line to help the team in attack.

Yours was one of the best interventions. Apart from De Ligt, who changed the game with his defense on the line when Sommer was already beaten, Davies’ performance over Mbappé in the last few minutes was also very meritorious.

It is a bullet and always stands out for its offensive qualities, in the round of 16 of the Champions League he should have been rewarded for his defensive actions. He covered everything that PSG tried to centralize and together with the Dutch defender and Upamecano, both impassable, they closed the Bavarian goal with a huge padlock.

No physical prize

Surely he doesn’t care, since with the passage to the quarterfinals it’s worth all Bayern players, but on the networks it is already said that the MVP handed over to Müller this time the extreme deserved it.

Some stats from your date

He played the 90 minutes in which he had time to cover four shots from the Parisians, in addition to winning seven games, recovering numerous balls, making 42 passes in 90 touches and, above all, being in all parts of the field. The left wing was theirs and PSG could do nothing to attack it.