It literally is. New horizon and new visions, because somehow we went from the first time in the saga (not counting the original PSVR) to have a true immersion in a complete driving title on Playstation 5.

There’s no clear way to handle this review, because if this page has shown us anything, it’s that people are looking for the holy grail of objectivity, when there’s nothing more subjective than VR headsets and the personal experience they get. each of us gets from them.

So much so that I got two completely different experiences with this PSVR2 with a difference of just 30 hours. For context, I should say that my usual HMD is an HP Reverb G2 with an RTX 3090 as the motor. On the first try, the operation and strange way of setting up the helmet took a good 15-20 minutes. Used to Velcro straps and pads, it becomes strange to know the behavior of the headband and the extendable optics (can be used with glasses) that this PSVR2 has. It also forces you to configure controls, create defined play areas, configure student tracking, and a few other issues.

With those steps taken, presumably, you’re ready to tackle your first gaming session, which could be with some recommended free demos or jumping right in the pool with the VR version of Gran Turismo 7. I’ve preferred to get right down to business without thinking too much about it. the time to set them up and after the first moments of discovery I started to feel bad. Despite having used slow cars, going at very low speeds discovering the circuits or looking at the details of the interiors, something did not work as expected in this first session with command and my brain started sending out warning signals. Something is wrong, something in the picture is not right and I feel a little dizzy. Better stop and get some air before things get worse. Could this be the first time something like this has happened to me in… five years?

After speaking briefly with ├ôscar, who has also had access to PSVR2, he tells me that much of the visual spectacle is filled with synthetic FPS to mitigate the Playstation 5’s lack of power in this field. It’s normal and understandable, and there are people who are more sensitive than others to this type of graphic “tricks”, so I’ll have to go little by little, helped with the steering wheel and pedals where there isn’t so much mismatch between what is perceived and what is real.

Subsequent sessions are much better and I can gradually increase the times. Using the right peripherals helps bring coherence between what I see and what I feel, so whatever happens to the image, I barely feel it. At least the first 30 or 40 minutes where I can appreciate the many virtues that Gran Turismo 7 has using PSVR2. All the good things we’ve been talking about about the title take on another dimension when you can appreciate the cars in full size, when you can navigate the circuits in all kinds of detail and when you can compete with many other rivals without appreciating any drop in performance at all. throughout the game.

I don’t want to go into too much depth because I know there’s an obvious graphic clipping of what I see on a monitor for this. I’m not so naive as to think that Polyphony Digital has discovered something that Kunos, iRacing or Reiza haven’t discovered in over five years of working in VR. There are lower resolution textures all over the place, synthetic FPS, much less detail in off-road elements and even less contrast, but the overall look is so good it makes you want to keep scrolling and enjoying the game’s variety. machines and enclaves. Of course, in moderation, because the brain is not easily fooled and needs to get used to this adjusted 90Hz.

Like everyone who has ever used a VR headset, I can say that we are now not in the moment where what we see in the lens is nowhere near the monitor. That doesn’t happen with high-end HMDs, and it doesn’t happen here. The image quality is also compromised in this specific case by the so-called mura effect, associated with the OLED technology of the glasses screens. This effect causes a very flat grain in the whole image that gives the feeling of watching an old movie or a night photograph. It depends on your helmet if you have more or less. It is sacrifice in exchange for more realistic blacks.

This effect can be reduced using green filter glasses, but yours would be to improve it somewhat by software, as well as the reprojection algorithm. With these two things, it would be even more pleasant without having a certain respect for the discomfort it can cause us.

On the other hand, one of the highlights of the PSVR2 is the very low weight of the set, both the glasses and the controls. It’s amazing how little they weigh. This makes them quite comfortable to wear for long sessions, despite the headband and rubber cover. Even if they are comfortable due to their weight, they are not easy to find the sweet spot and you will find yourself on more than one occasion squeezing them too tight looking for that lost definition.

We have already enjoyed VR for many years, and even so for many it will be the first experience with glasses with this technology. I have no doubt that the first impression will be of great impact for them, but also of discovering everything that is missing. In this sense, Sony’s bet seems to me to be very courageous, because in reality it is extremely risky the way it was carried out.

What I mean to say; Sony launches a VR headset for 599 euros, above other veteran products like the HP Reverb G2, with operating exclusivity, with debatable ergonomics (the headband) in a console that has been on the market for three years and with personal stakes as much in choice of hardware (OLED) and software (reprojection) that make defects especially visible. It’s a gamble that only a company of this size can afford, and that explains the low sales and returns they’re having in these first few weeks.

If we overcome these obstacles, there is no doubt that the sensations are much better than when we used Gran Turismo 7 on a monitor and everything takes on a new dimension, but the adaptation time can be something that not everyone realizes.