Mari Carmen Parra


It’s been almost two weeks since Rafa Castaño took ‘El boat’ from ‘Pasapalabra’ (Antena 3) and the final of the Atresmedia contest still resonates in the minds of the public who want to know firsthand what happens to their competitors, but , above all, Orestes, who after more than a year and a half in the space presented by Roberto Leal not only failed to take ‘El Bote’ but did not even have the option of competing in the face of the impressive return led by Rafa . Well last week’public mirror‘ contacted Luis de Lama to find out how he was doing orestes and his words generated a thousand headlines about the state of mind of the man from Burgos that he now wanted to deny and reveal his true situation.

Susanna Griso faced the most casual part of ‘public mirror‘ and commented with his collaborators on some of the most striking news of the weekend, such as the premiere of ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’, where Andrea Guasch swept away with his imitation of Chanel. Thus, with the presenter’s criticism of the Antena 3 program, she also wanted to echo another space in the house ‘Pasapalabra’ and, specifically, one of her former competitors: orestes.

“Let’s see, what did he say? orestes?”, he asked Susana Griso to Diego Revuelta, collaborator of ‘Espejo Público’, who happened to read the tweets that the participant had left on the social network.

‘Public Mirror’ echoes Orestes’ message

“I have received a lot of messages of concern these days and, although I decided not to express myself, I saw that the most appropriate thing is to specify this to avoid confusion. I feel perfectly. With much more joy for the tranquility that I am gradually recovering and the very positive background that allowed us to have lived such an exceptional experience. However, I made the perfectly understandable decision, after this year and a half of turmoil, to withdraw fully into the hustle and bustle and joys of my everyday life, the real one, with my unrepeatable plans, obligations and loved ones. Going into this decision, moreover, turning the page completely for a season after this phase until further notice or specials as it is most salutary. That’s why I discarded all interviews and testimonials, except for some brief answers I gave the next day to the Castilla y León channel, and only as a favor to a great personal friend who works there. It is absolutely regrettable that, instead of respecting the silence to which I believe I am entitled in these weeks, in the absence of personal statements, I find that I have had to fall into the baseness of misrepresenting some individual sentences from a much longer interview with the great Luis de Lama, introducing them as first-hand and indisputably reliable information from those same days, supplying my lack of news and creating, to make matters worse, sensational news that would guarantee the expansion of ‘clickbait’ . Being able to give that need for closed. But I finally saw that I can’t keep quiet. It’s anything but true that I find myself so extremely down and devastated, but that I have the consequent emotional hangover, but most of all happy and grateful. So it is tremendously unfair that this halo of victimhood is brought to my person by extension without eating or drinking it,” reads the tweet from orestes that was echoed’public mirror‘.