Rayco García becomes one of the main shareholders of CD TenerifeThe day

Tenerife businessman and investor Rayco García Cabrera recently became one of the main shareholders of Club Deportivo Tenerife, after having acquired the shareholding package of Miguel Concepción Cáceres, outgoing president at the General Meeting held in mid-December last year. The negotiation process for the purchase of this lot, which belonged to the Palmeirense, was long, but was successfully resolved a few weeks ago.

Until now, it was known that the former blue and white coach had gotten rid of most of the representative positions he held, with two fundamental purposes: to definitively end almost all relations with Tenerife, ending his long period of influence over the institution of which he was president and director for almost 17 years; and obtain economic consideration in exchange for its large percentage of shares. What many still didn’t know, even within the club, is who had acquired Concepción’s share.

This is Rayco García, who was a player in Tenerife’s youth squad before becoming a businessman, almost always linked to the real estate sector or to sport itself, with the organization of several prestigious tournaments and participation in the development of events of great repercussion and prestige. One of them, the tribute to Diego Armando Maradona with an FCBarcelona-Boca Juniors at Mrsool Park Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on December 15, 2021.

First steps

This investor appeared on the scene for the first time when it was related to the purchase of a lot of shares in the Federation of Tenerife, which needed to be disposed of, and which was the subject of controversy due to various issues unrelated to García himself. His name began to sound strongly like that of a person interested in the management and direction of sports projects, which is why he was invited to buy the shares of Miguel Concepción, who put them up for sale when the sentence was about to be handed down. (unfavourable) of the Supreme Court in relation to the Islas case, which would confirm his obligation to pay a high fine and which, moreover, would have led to his disqualification as president of the representative if he continued in office until then . Not surprisingly, this has already been established by the Higher Sports Council in an official letter.


Rayco García does not reach the percentage of influence of José Miguel Garrido, the first shareholder of the institution since the so-called Pact of Rome, which caused some of the main blue and white owners to transfer their shares to him and allow him access to the management of the club, as was the case a posteriori with the appointment as directors of Juan Guerrero and Santiago Pozas, both at their request. Now, the part of the pie that Rayco bought already allows him to place himself on a similar level to Amid Achi or Juan Pelayo.

As EL DÍA was able to confirm, the emergence of this young businessman has the endorsement of the current top manager, Paulino Rivero, who expressed himself a few weeks ago in an interview with this newspaper: “My commitment is to Tenerife. And Tenerife is made up of 34,000 shareholders. Syndicated shareholders play a very important role, but my work is aimed at everyone. We are currently in an institution with great stability in this sense, regardless of the stock exchange, where some buy and others sell. It’s the majority game, as it happens in any company. To this day, I do not perceive any situation contrary to the common objective of continuing to move forward with a stabilization of the club’s management, ”he argued.

When the current blue and white manager made these statements, on the eve of the Canary Islands derby played at Heliodoro, he was already aware of Rayco García’s involvement in the process of buying Concepción titles, hence his message at the time – conciliatory and appealing to tranquility about any discrepancies between club owners – is now even more valuable: “This model probably requires greater generosity, greater flexibility and greater capacity for understanding. It’s a question of sums, but the result of those sums must always be used for Tenerife to grow”, was another of the messages he gave in that interview.

After having purchased Concepción’s shares as part of a process subject to confidentiality clauses – the price at which he paid them is not known for sure – and still not concluded, García managed to enter into conversations with one of the other major shareholders. Its intention is to support the current management body and, in the current situation, it does not consider leading or carrying out any process that, at this point, jeopardizes the stability of the current council, whose leaders it supports in the effort to achieve within the foreseen period (five years) the long-awaited promotion to the First Division.