Atlético, 0 – Real Madrid, 2

Real Madrid, undefeated in the league this season and defending the Copa del Rey title won last year in Lugo against Espanyol, will play the final of the tournament next Saturday against the winner of Deportivo-Almería, after winning the first semifinal against Athletic Clube 0-2 with goals from Nico Paz and David Jiménez.

The quality of the alvinegra team ended up prevailing over an obstinate rival who, when he was at his best, was punished, without being able to react, despite the improvement of his game in the second half. Athletic Club limited itself to trying to withstand the flood of good white play because in the attack it was excessively forceful and without punches, except in some actions in which it lacked conviction.

After the break, the situation changed substantially and it was the Rojiblancos who had the best opportunities, right from the start, first with a Vizcay header on goal and then with another opportunity by Olabarrieta. However, just when things looked better for Bittor Llopis’ side, Real Madrid’s first goal came. A great cross from Enríquez was headed in by Gonzalo García and Nico Paz beat Santos low.

The Basque team continued to try, which liked the changes, especially the advanced entry of Asier Hierro, author of some of the best opportunities to draw, but in the final stretch a counterattack allowed David Jiménez to receive on the right and sign a shot that Ander Fernández went into his own goal trying to clear it.


0 – Athletic Club: Mikel Santos; Vicandi, Plazaola (Osipov, M. 75), Palacios, Ander Fernández; Mikel Montero, Olabarrieta (Alonso, M. 81), Peio Canales (Asier Hierro, M. 65; Vizcay (Huestamendía, M. 65), Arredondo and Alboniga-Menor.

2 -Real Madrid: Pine tree; David Jimenez, Jacobo Ramon, Serrano, Enriquez; Nicolas Paz (Hugo de Llanos, m. 74), Morán, Andrés; Fortuny (Innkeeper, M. 86), Gonzalo García (Ginés, M. 86) and Palacios (Lancha, Mi. 74).

Goals: 0-1, m.60: Nicolás Paz. 0-2, m.81: Ander Fernández, own goal.

Judge: Guillermo Cueto Amigo (Castilian-Leonese committee). Warned Andrés (M. 74), from Real Madrid.

Incidents: First youth Copa del Rey semi-final played at the Reino de León stadium in front of around 1,200 spectators.

Deportivo, 1 – Almeria, 2

Almería continues to make history and this Wednesday qualified for the first time for the youth final of the Copa del Rey, which will be played next Saturday against Real Madrid, after beating Deportivo (1-2) with a goal from Rachad Fetal in the 93rd minute .

The Andalusian team left the final against a rival that had left teams like Atlético de Madrid or Villarreal out of this tournament and managed to overcome the scoreboard, tying first as soon as the Galician team got ahead and beat them ‘in extremis’ and when everything seemed to lead to an extension.

When the two teams seemed to be thinking about extra time, already in stoppage time, the opportunity arose for an Almería who had been crouching. Valen went into a lane to put the ball in before Marciano arrived, which Vilela avoided at will.

However, from a corner kick he found the Spanish-Moroccan under-18 international Fetal, who, with a header, surprised Lemos, who was unable to handle the ball. The referee considered the goal valid when he understood that he had crossed the goal line.


1 – RC Sports: we read; Carlos Rodríguez (Guerrero, M. 80), Seidy, Vilela, Berrocal (Parada, M. 94); Diego Gomez, Ruben, Baldomar (Blacksmith, M. 70); Mardones, Martín Ochoa (Kevin, M. 70), Hugo (Garaboa, M. 80).

2 – UD Almeria: Bruno; Edu Pla, Paco Sanz, Varó, Torres; Joan, Marcos Peña, Younes (Valen Gómez, M. 67), Marsu (Oliva, M. 90); Rachad Fetal and Marciano.

Goals: 1-0, m.24: Martin Ochoa. 1-1, m.25: Seidy, own goal. 1-2, m.93: Rachad Fetal.

Judge: Francisco Crespo (Castilian-Leonese Committee). He cautioned Berrocal (M. 82) for RC Deportivo and Lemos twice, 93 and late in the game, earning him a red card.

Incidents: Second semi-final of the youth Copa del Rey played at the Reino de León stadium in front of 1,300 spectators.