If ever there was a crazy game, it was this Tuesday in Istanbul between Anadolu Efes and Real Madrid, the rerun of the last Euroleague final. The two teams went on a roller coaster ride and started from an exciting duel that ended up causing an unexpected tachycardia. It was taken by the champion, who was in serious trouble and the playoffs could have been even more complicated. The Whites lost, who did not manage to get close to the quarter-finals despite having played.


  • 90 – Anadolu Efes (18+24+35+13): Micic (10), Clyburn (15), Bryant (17), Singleton (11), Pleiss (11) -five starters-, Larkin (18), Gazi ( -), M’Baye (-), Dunston (8).
  • 89 – Real Madrid (24+15+21+29): Hanga (2), Musa (16), Hezonja (8), Deck (15), Tavares (13) -five starters-, Poirier (5), Yabusele ( 8), Abalde (-), Sergio Rodríguez (14), Causeur (3), Rudy Fernández (3), Cornelie (2).
  • Referees: Ilija Belosevic (SRB), Carmelo Paternico (ITA) and Mario Majkic (SLO). Eliminated Dunston for five personal fouls (min.38).
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 24 of the Euroleague that was postponed due to earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, played at the Sinan Erdem Sports Pavilion.

Real Madrid started the last quarter with a deficit of 17 points (77-60), after a third in which they conceded 35 points with a three-point basket of 8/12 by Efes and still he fought for victory. He took the lead with a 6-24 run on the back of Sergio Rodríguez (83-84), but failed to win despite his heroic comeback. Commendable effort when all seemed lost.

Madrid had a maximum difference of eight points (31-39) after more than 16 minutes of seriousness, concentration and good play. The defense controlled Micic, Larkin and Clyburn, Musa (16 points) showed enthusiasm on his first visit to Efes since leaving without shame or glory, Deck appeared everywhere and the Sergio Rodríguez-Tavares duo worked. But in just 3:17 minutes he threw it all away.

An absurd unsportsmanlike move by Abalde, who grabbed Pleiss by the shirt, was the beginning of the 11-0 with which he closed the first half. The rotations, with too much rest all at once for Hezonja, Deck and Musa, didn’t help either. Not even the referees, who started the recital by eating a clear foul on the Bosnian, who almost left his teeth on the ground. At halftime, 42-39.

The drop is dramatically accentuated

Madrid’s recession not only did not stop, but worsened dramatically. The second half started with a three-point dispute that Efes won by winning: his first seven baskets were trebles. The madridistas’ external defense weakened again and Clyburn (15 points) and Larkin (18) had already stretched. Until then, the Ottoman lighthouse was Bryant (17). As if the Turkish triumph was not enough, the referees reappeared: techniques to Sergio Rodríguez and Deck for protesting against more than dubious actions. Between triples, free throws and a dunk by Dunston, 75-58. The Whites added up to 35 points in the third quarter, 24 of them with 8/12 on triples.

But Madrid recovered after so much adversity. He held on to 18/18 on free throws and this time he showed the irreducible spirit of yore. started with defending Poirier and Rudy and kept up with Sergio’s address. Minutes of Chachismo in partial from 6 to 24 closed with triple by Yabusele to turn the score around again (83-84). 1:22 to go.

Larkin put Efes in front again and, after a missed triple by Yabusele and an offensive rebound that was stolen, Pleiss played a leading role, as in last year’s final: mate and block. Madrid resisted until the end. Despite looking 90-84 with 15 seconds left, they fought to their last breath and ended up down by just one point after a three-pointer by Musa. The epic had no prize.