May 3, 2007 would forever mark the life of the McCann family. Little Madeleine, just three years old, disappeared forever from the apartment in the Ocean Club tourist complex, in Praia da Luz, while her parents had dinner with some friends a few meters from the room.

Since then, the mystery surrounding her disappearance has not stopped growing, despite the arrest of Christian Brueckner, who in 2022 was formally charged as the main suspect in Madeleine’s kidnapping. However, the appearance of Julia Faustyna Wendell, a young woman who claimed to be Madeleine and who is awaiting the results of DNA tests to confirm or reject her claims, has caused another unexpected circumstance: that the team that continues to investigate the disappearance of little Maddie in the United Kingdom will get hundreds of thousands of euros in budget so that they can find once and for all the keys to what really happened to the girl that night in 2007.

The first biometric tests rule out that the Polish woman is Madeleine McCann

The first biometric tests rule out that the Polish woman is Madeleine McCann

Many unanswered questions after more than 14 months of searches, with the Portuguese Public Ministry closing the case and ruling out the possibility of further investigations in 2018. Only finding the girl’s body can shed some light, which is practically impossible according to investigations and hypotheses that were considered.

However, this new influx of resources and media could mean that the UK investigation team may finally find the key to what really happened to little Madeleine. According to the British newspaper The sun, This new budget increase will soon be approved by the Home Office (UK Home Office), which handles the country’s economic and social affairs, including immigration, citizen security, national security and Security Service (MI5).

Many theories, no answers

Much has been said about the disappearance of little Madeleine. First there was talk of a man who would have entered the apartment and would have taken Madeleine in a blanket. Subsequently, suspicions focused on Robert Murat, a British citizen residing in the Portuguese city and who was a short distance from the apartment where the children were sleeping. Murat played an unusual role in the investigation, going so far as to offer himself to the McCanns as a translator and to present himself to the press as the family’s spokesman.

Kate and Gerry McCann, start of 'Miles for Missing People' charity, held in Regent's Park, central London.  In the photo: T-shirt with the picture of daughter Madeleine

Kate and Gerry McCann were questioned as suspects in Madeleine’s alleged accidental death in September 2007.


Murat remained suspicious, but it was also the fathers of little Maddie, Kate and Gerry McCann, who from the beginning were very critical of the Portuguese police, which they accused of inefficiency and slowness, especially in the first hours of the investigation.

In September 2007, the couple were questioned as suspects in the accidental death of their daughter. Even more so when details such as the couple of doctors who put their children to sleep with medication to get them out are leaked to the press, the alleged contradictions in the testimonies of those who were at that dinner that night or their DNA trace in a car that the parents rented 25 days after the disappearance, with infallible police dogs that recognized the girl’s “corpse smell” in the trunk of that car she was never supposed to be in.

German prosecutors believe Christian Brueckner is to blame for Madeleine McCann's disappearance and death

German prosecutors believe Christian Brueckner is to blame for Madeleine McCann’s disappearance and death


Almost 15 years later, Christian Brueckner, a German pedophile who was serving time in a German prison for the savage rape of a 72-year-old American tourist in Praia da Luz, two years before the disappearance of the British minor, was arrested in Faro. Despite everything and his arrest, it seems that there would be no evidence against him. This is how he made it known in a letter he himself sent to the newspaper Mirror from his cell in Wolfenbüttel. “There is no evidence that I committed any of these crimes. There is no DNA, nothing. At the time some of these crimes allegedly took place, I was in prison. The prosecution is trying to catch me and expects me to turn myself in under the mental pressure.”

The case has spent almost 15 million euros of public money since the beginning of its investigation in 2011

The news of the budget increase would have filled the family with hope, as confirmed by the newspaper the daily mailespecially after the rumors that the money destined to the investigation of Madeleine’s whereabouts would be cut after the adjustment of the new budgets.