We continue with the main story in Resident Evil 4 remake with him Chapter 14 about the game. On this page of our Resident Evil 4 remake guide We tell you how to fill in the Chapter 14:

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide | Chapter 14

You are next to Ashley in a room where you can collect some resources. Go to the central area and if you help her up, she will open the door through which you must go to find the Peddler (next to the door is the ticket with the order of Peddler 16). Go through the door for a cutscene and head upstairs. The next door is locked, but you can go down.

Go forward, go up another ladder and ask Ashley to hold the lever, jump through the window and go through the door. Turn left and open another door to connect the two areas, but be very careful with Ashley because several enemies went after her; run and kill them all. Now go back to the shortcut and follow it up the other stairs.

After some corridors where there are some normal enemies, you will reach a kind of sewer where you must enter the water and pass under some pipes. As you go through, you will see a gate and you have to perform a simple minigame with Ashley: when you press the action button, both characters activate the lever and the red parts of the mechanism stop a second later, so try to make them stop within the green range. proceed, kill the regenerator that will appear in the ventilation shaft and repeat the door minigame one more time.

You’ll reach the debris area, but ignore the computer as it’s not working right now. Ask Ashley to hold the crank to raise the bridge. and manage to cross, continue along the only path available and cross another bridge until you reach a switch that will light up the area, but be careful because after activating the energy, a regenerator will appear behind you.

from right here, look through the bars and you’ll see some enemies wanting to kidnap Ashley, so kill them without wasting time. and then come back to her. The computer from before is active, so you have to complete one more of these nodes and simplify the puzzles. In the following image you have the solution, and after opening the door, go under the boards and kill the Scourgein addition to charging Peddler’s order 17.

Go through the door with the red light, buy something from the Peddler if you need it, save your game and exit. The gate at the bottom is closed (it’s a shortcut you open later), so drop down to the left, kill some enemies and go up the stairs. If you approach the wall, you’ll see a cutscene; the wall has a crack and next to it is a huge crane, the kind used to demolish buildings. White and bottled; ask Ashley to use it and you’ll have to defend them while she manages to knock down the wall..

The first thing is to take care of Ashley, so don’t let any enemies get close to the crane. The process will take several minutes, and enemies will appear in different waves. Our advice is to go up to the blue container next to the crane and take advantage of its position to kill all living beings that appear in the area.. There will be some with rocket launchers, others with Plagues and even Plagues who will seek to possess the bodies of those who have died. Don’t skimp on using everything you have: grenades, shotguns, flashbangs…

Once the demolition process is complete, go through the crevice and on the left you will have the note with the order from Peddler 18. Also, on the right you can unlock the gate from before in case you want to return to the areas you explored in the previous chapters. The main path is to get into that huge elevator, but keep in mind that if you have missions to complete (like the one you just took), this is it. your last chance to visit all these places again.

When you go upstairs, you’ll be in the Amber Storage, and if you interact with that giant orange thing, you’ll see a cutscene and be separated from Ashley. Go through the door to an outside area, drop down and kill some enemies. In this area there are several tents where you can find ammunition, herbs and other resources. Before continuing, make sure the mechanical spanish 14 and then yes: follow the only path available and throw yourself in the ruins. Get ready because tap boss!

boss | krauser

After the fight you will automatically be in chapter 15.

We remind you that our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide has all the content you should know, like all the enemies and how to defeat them.