The publicist exploded with the criticism he received this week for relating to women 20 years younger than him.

Risto Mejide, Madrid, 2019
Risto Mejide, Madrid, 2019GTRES
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Risto Mejide (48) has been in the news for six days. The publicist has participated in several television programs to publicize his book, sixteen notes -about Bach and his love story with his second wife, with whom he was almost twice his age- and spoke openly about the criticism he received about the pattern he usually repeats in his partners: women 20 years younger than him.

But this morning it completely exploded. Mejide uploaded a post to her Instagram profile in the form of an allegation, counting academic preparation and employees of his new girlfriend, Natália, 26: “Adjunct Pharmacist. Graduated in Pharmacy, Orthopedics, Nutrition and Dietetics. Guitar at the Conservatory. Master in Teaching. Self-sufficient, emancipated and financially independent for years. Mother responsible for Kairo, a beautiful Shiba Inu . And that’s it, with this great talent for illustration.”

With this message, he made it clear that the image he used to convey his message comes from the hands of his new Valencian partner, about whom little is known and who has guaranteed in each interview that he wants to remain “anonymous”.

The true intention of his words has been to point out those who criticize them, according to Mejide, for paternalism: “And even so, my poor man, for some, he still doesn’t have the lights to know what he wants, neither in life nor in the future.” love. He urgently needs others to nominate him. Fortunately there are always good people wanting to guide and protect defenseless, ignorant and helpless women so that they realize what really suits them. Who they can love and who they can’t.”

Risto Mejide’s new girlfriend abandons anonymity

For the communicator, “what is incredible” is that “these same people are the ones who are handing out male, hetero, cisgender normative cards -and therefore, they say, privileged- or, simply, manipulative. In short. Love more and fuck less, come on. We do our job.”


Risto Mejide spent weeks speaking on television shows and interviewing the media about the criticism he received. And his words touched virality. “When you discriminate against a black person you are racist, when you discriminate against a person who loves a person of the same sex you are homophobic, when you discriminate against a person with an age difference you have no namethere is no deadline”. In the third installment of the new Cuatro program, focus, Mejide was blunt and equated the comments he is receiving with those suffering groups that have historically been discriminated against. If they don’t give him a speaker, he gives it to him. Through Instagram stories, the publicist has been sharing experiences of users who have been with the partner for many years.

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