Rodrigo Hernandez He passed through the microphones of “El Larguero” from Cadena SER in the first stoppage of the selections after the World Cup, with Luis de la Fuente as coach. The Manchester City player spoke about the national team, the style of play, Sergio Ramos, Haaland…

Veteran: “Whenever he comes back, he is proud. A 26 year veteran. To keep doing the same job. The team was renovated and what matters is leadership and what you teach the kids. Try to be an example and when it comes to important things, we need them.”

Sensations with De la Fuente: “He trusts us a lot. We came from work with him. We know what you want and this will help a lot.”

different game: “Each coach leaves his mark. Luis has his idea and wants to implement it. The way he conceives the game. The basis is the same.”

Loss of Tiqui-taca: “It’s a term… the philosophy is to have personality with the ball, it depends on the opponents you face. I see it with the mindset of being more vertical, incisive. The quality of the players we have is evident and we can play something that suits us”.

No Busquets in La Roja: “I am proud every time I come. So many years with Sergio… we agreed. We improve each other. A captain comes out and you have to assume that role. Push and infect people coming from below. Whenever you come to the National Team you have to deserve your position”.

midfielder: “It is my role, but at that moment (Luis Enrique) considered it appropriate. What you want is to play. I spent a month watching videos.

Surprise as a defense: “In football there are many times you don’t expect it. Moments arise, a light comes on and a player changes. We’ve seen wingers become defenders throughout their careers. Luis Enrique spotted it quickly. I thought he was capable and the team was strengthened”.

Speak to play center: “It’s a heartfelt conversation. Detected it on the day of Portugal. He was a little blind to the World Cup. It’s not the same to do it continuously than occasionally. He commented right at the beginning.

companion wave: “There are many versatile colleagues and there is no problem”.

Sergio Ramos: “I don’t want to get involved in the coach’s decision. It is a very private decision. They said what they had to say. We didn’t go into the subject too much. Sergio has been a reference. He deserved everything and we must continue. All the greats have turned the page.

haaland: “I told him to leave and that he doesn’t have to play. Yesterday I would do some recovery work. I would feel some muscle discomfort. For them it is an important and decisive asset. He’s been with the masseuse all day. If he cares. No crash is pure rock.”

compare with someone: “Score an impressive number of goals. It’s his first year. It’s adjusting. It has room for improvement. The talent he has means he has more than 40 goals and the rest of the season.”

More like Cristiano than Messi: “It is unknown. What these two did is regularly. The mindset you have is theirs. Take care, get better and although many don’t want to, you are in the best place. There’s still room for improvement.”

madrid interest: “Everybody wants.”

Substitution after five goals: “We have three competitions and we have to balance the loads. As soon as he can, the trainer rotates. With the confrontations we have, it is a very big wear and tear”.

VAR: “I couldn’t conceive of playing without VAR. In a stadium that doesn’t have one, you feel very vulnerable because you depend on a referee’s decision at that moment. We have a tool that allows us to see what happened.”

noise in england: “At the media level, arbitration decisions are more respected. It’s the only way to stay on track.”

Asensio offside: “When they throw the lines and say offside, you have to trust. There’s no turning back.”

Match at the Bernabéu: “I don’t like to remember. I tend to watch all my games and this is the only one I haven’t seen yet. A wide open tie. We had it in our hands. We are gaining years of experience. We don’t think about the next phase.”

bavaria: “It’s a dog-faced game. Let’s go for everything.”

Guardiola different in the Champions League: “Each year he wants more. Pressure is put on you by the people. We are a club that is here to fight and try to believe step by step to improve”.

champions-premier: “The Premier is such a tough and demanding competition that in the end you equate it with the Champions League. After the draw with Madrid in which we won the Premier League, it’s like winning a Champions League. The Premier is an internal Champions League. For me it’s a Super League and it’s getting more and more difficult”.

Return to Spain: “My steps are still there. The house is mine and has the club’s project. I don’t rule out going back in the future. It is my country and we will see in a few years”.

Athletic: “The players are there. They have always been of high quality. They went over a small ledge. Now they don’t have much to fight for, but we’ll see next year.”

Manchester: “There is no such thing as a normal day. Suddenly it hails, or it is windy when we practice tactics”.

Lose: “The weather, friends, family, even if they come to see me.”

food in england: “It’s a reality, but there are good restaurants everywhere. If you want to eat well, you have to pay.”