Samantha Vallejo-Nagera

Samantha Vallejo Nagera He has been getting significant media exposure for years thanks to his work. A successful professional career that ended up increasing his interest in his most personal facet, the one with whom he shares her husband, Peru Aznar, and their four children. The chef’s social networks are the best showcase to sneak into Samantha’s most intimate day-to-day life, and in them she has a prominent role your son Roscón, a real star on her Instagram. But the culinary judge was not exempt from criticism of how you take care of your childand especially chow it exposes some facets of your life. It happened again recently, according to child’s emotional life.

This was the wedding of Samantha Vallejo-Nagera

Criticism of Samantha Vallejo-Nágera for spreading intimate moments with Roscón

The businesswoman recorded herself on video, in the bathroom of her spectacular home in Pedraza, next to Patrick (Roscón’s real name), who turns fifteen in 2023. And she asked him to repeat what she said: “You’re telling me you want a friend of yours to come here to Pedraza, right? And what do you want to do?”, he questioned. The boy then replies that he wants the two of them to sleep alone. “For what?” asks the father. “Because she’s very pretty and I’m getting married,” he replies. Roscón still recognizes be very in love with your girlfriendand that he hopes to be able to kiss her, given the illusion that his mother demonstrates.

Among the comments on the video, you can see several criticisms of sharing that moment of Patrick’s confession with his 870,000 followers. “Between mother and son, in intimacy, it’s more beautiful, it’s their privacy too”, says one of the answers. “Using your kid to gain followers… Any kid wouldn’t want me to post this. You take advantage of their innocence”, can be read in another of them. Among the responses, at the same time, there were also positive messages applauding naturalness and visibility.

The controversies of Samantha Vallejo-Nágera for the way of raising her son Roscón

In recent years, Vallejo Nágera has accumulated odd controversies on the networks due to the material he shares with the third of his four children, who has down syndrome. In her time, there were those who accused her of “homophobic speech” after telling her son that “boys dance with girls” when she learned that Roscón had another son as a dance partner. The chef came over to apologize, acknowledging that she had expressed herself badly.

Samantha Vallejo-Nagera apologizes after controversy

A few months ago it happened again, when Samantha filmed her son as he sobbed uncontrollably. The reason? Having scolded and punished for secretly watching television. The publication, in which the minor did not contain the tears, soon went viral, and many Internet users left the businesswoman ugly by exposing that specific moment: “Don’t do this to him, let alone serious, please”Mercedes Milá asked in the comments. The video was taken down shortly afterwards by the chef, who defended himself by arguing that he usually shares the good and funny scenes of the boy.