Sarah Carbonero

Sarah Carbonero He always maintained a certain suspicion about his private life. Since she began to be exposed in the media, a decade and a half ago, the journalist He preferred to keep his privacy out of the spotlight.. He rarely mentions his more personal side in his public appearances, his interviews. Nor on his social networks, although recently he seems to have made a change, showing this facet more to his followers. A few days ago, the woman from Toledo posed for the first time with his son, Nacho Taboada, after a year of relationship, approximately. He did it again later with his 98-year-old grandmother. And he repeated it now with your mother Goyi, to whom he dedicated an emotional tribute for his birthday.

Sara Carbonero’s first words after the operation

There is little information that has come out over the years about the Carbonero family. The presenter of Informativos Telecinco has occasionally shared images with some of her loved ones on her Instagram, such as her aforementioned grandmother, whom she recently congratulated on her 98th birthday. also with your sister Irene It is your nephew. And obviously with their two sons, Martin and Lucasresult of its relationship with Casillas Iker. Added to this list now his mother, Goyi Arevalo.

Sara Carbonero’s touching dedication to her mother, Goyi Arévalo

His mother, according to what was published last November, would have left Corral de Almaguer, her hometown in Toledo, to settle in Madrid. It all happened against the backdrop of Sara having to undergo surgery due to a health scare. It was then said that Goyi’s transfer would thus allow him to be close to his daughter and grandchildren. Now, on the occasion of the journalist’s mother’s birthday, she dedicated an extensive text to her on Instagram, in which she reported how is the relationship between the two.

Sara had tremendously loving words for her mother, from whom He said it’s his “safe haven”, his “calm sea” and its “earth wire”. He told her that she is sweet, generous and strong, and that taught him that everything is resolved by putting “the heart as a flag”. Carbonero started to make a good review of some of the memoirs that he shares with Arévalo throughout the different phases of his life.

To your mother, in your own words, the “happiest” childhood memories are due: from the baths in Nerja or Gandía, where they spent the summer, to hugging with the smell of their cologne or the touch of their leather gloves while picking leaves in autumn. Still in his youth: it was Goyi who covered the books at school, who put Serrat at home and who combed and dressed like Sara and Irenedespite “neither of us really liking that option”.

He also verbalized their relationship when they are both adults. The host valued the “inexhaustible patience” from his mother, who always gave him comfort “in any circumstance of life”. goyi is who continues to “rebuke” Sarah and asking what time he comes back. Also, he confessed, that he charges his batteries and paints his wings. “He gave me not just life, but the greatest lesson on how to live it”he assured, congratulating her on her birthday, to the applause of her followers.