Mercedes The 2023 F1 championship has not started well. It is light years behind Red Bull. And on top of that they also have a much faster car Ferrarias aston martin. As soon as lewis hamilton he envisions an unpromising future which, of course, does not include the possibility of winning his eighth world title.

He W14 Not the car the man from Stevenage needs to be able to go toe-to-toe with max verstappen. Indeed, during the Bahrain race it became clear that Fernando Alonso He guards a ‘weapon’ more powerful than the one Brackley’s team has already put into action. The Asturian managed two memorable overtakes against George Russell and the own hamilton. And that Aston Martin built the same power unit as the one in the star box.

Lewis, during the Bahrain GP.

He says they didn’t hear him

It is clear that Mercedes was not successful with the design of the car. And of this he complained bitterly hamilton, who at the Sakhir track had to be content with finishing fifth. The ’44’ expressed their discomfort in statements to the ‘BBC’.

I already told you last year about the problems the car had. I’ve driven many F1 cars in my life, so I know very well what a car needs and what it doesn’t. I think it’s about taking responsibility, admitting what’s going on and saying, ‘Yeah, you know what, we didn’t hear you, we’re not where we’re supposed to be and we’ve got to keep working,'” said the 38-year-old former player. british broke. .

We are several world champions, only this year and last year it didn’t work for us

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes driver)

We have to look at the car’s balance in the corners, we have to see and study all our weaknesses, we have to come together as a team and that’s what we are doing at the moment.. We are still several world champions, just this year and last year it didn’t work out for us. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t progress and take a step forward,” said Hamilton.

The ’44’, with a serious gesture.

The Boss Replica

He responded to these criticisms Toto Wolff. The boss of Mercedes assumed that Hamilton is right. This car is not going to make them champions. They must work to reverse the situation, but the starting point is not exactly ideal to recover the lost scepter two years ago. “Lewis is trying to lift the team and we are all united. I don’t think that’s going to change just because we’ve had a bad start to the season.. We’ve won eight constructors’ and six drivers’ championships with him, our relationship continues.”

What we have to do is provide both drivers with a car they can fight with.

Toto Wolff (CEO of Mercedes)

On the possibility of the seven-time champion deciding to leave them, the Austrian leader was exhaustive in his statements. “Isn’t it time to talk about what might happen to Lewis ahead of 2024?. It’s too soon, we have to push everyone in the same direction, the drivers, the engineers, everyone, instead of throwing in the towel. We’ve never done that and we won’t now. What we have to do is provide both drivers with a car they can fight with.“, said the CEO of Mercedes.