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Protecting our body’s immune system is something we have a responsibility for. There are internal factors that are not under our control, so we cannot intervene in them, but there are other issues of an external nature, alien to our body although it is impacted by them, in which we can intervene. And it’s not hard to do; it simply requires a change in healthy habits.

We cannot underestimate the fact that our immune system is strong, as it is what “protects the body from infections and diseases”, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an important health agency in the United States, reminds us. “Fights everything from cold and flu viruses to serious illnesses like cancerr”, warn.

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There are clear enemies of the immune system, perfectly identified by science and highlighted and underlined in red by health agencies, institutions and companies. “They weaken our body and immune system, facilitating the spread of infections, despite the main vaccines (colds, flu, cystitis, etc.) and their longer duration”, points out Mapfre Salud.

Only the above-mentioned vaccines, which develop immunity against specific diseasesand our intervention can take care of this fundamental system for our health.

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Seven habits to take care of the immune system

There are more ways to protect the immune system, but above all those that are within our reach, there are seven that organizations and health companies like CDC and Mapfre Salud list and explain.

Eat well

“Means emphasize eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and milk and dairy products fat-free or low-fat”, point out from the health organization, which also highlights the importance of “limiting saturated fat, cholesterol, salt and added sugars”.

In this sense, the Mapfre Salud team reminds you that if the diet “is inadequate or insufficient, the defenses fall and, on the contrary, if it is balanced and complete, it helps to keep them in shape or even to strengthen them”. And he also underlines that “it is not just a question of quantity, because the origin of the fats that we introduce in our food is also important”, which is in line with the advice of the CDC: more monounsaturated fats, which are the ones “present in oily fish , nuts, olive oil, sunflower or soy”.

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Active life

Regular physical activity not only has an impact on mental health, but also helps you rest and fight anxiety.. All of these have an impact on immune system health, but “emerging research also suggests that physical activity can potentially benefit immunity,” they point out from the CDC.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain an active life, favoring healthy means of transport, such as walking and cycling, and setting aside time daily for physical exercise, always adapted to our condition and age.

healthy weight

They point out from the CDC that “being overweight can affect how your body works” and emphasize that obesity can reduce the effectiveness of some vaccines, which is an indirect way of unprotecting the immune system.

“Safe ways to help maintain a healthy weight include reducing stress, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and getting regular physical activity,” they say from the US health agency.

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sleep as needed

This is another habit on which there is broad consensus in the scientific and health community: we need to get enough sleep, rest.

The Mapfre Salud team insists that it is essential to respect night rest. We cannot forget the importance of respect sleep time, between 6 and 8 hours, since some of the defense cells are produced during rest”, they say.

The CDC expresses itself in the same line: “there is more and more scientific evidence that sleep loss can negatively affect different parts of the immune systemthey say. “This can lead to the development of a wide variety of disorders.

Do not smoke

There is no health institution that does not recommend quitting smoking for those who do. And this is so, among many other medical reasons, because “smoking increases the risk of immune system problems,” the CDC points out.


do not consume alcohol

Or, at least, as the US CDC qualifies, “avoid excess alcohol” because it is scientifically proven, they add from the said agency, that “over time, excessive alcohol consumption can weaken the immune system”.

skin care

It is the seventh piece of advice, which the Mapfre Salud team highlights because they tend to pay less attention when it is something transcendent in the opinion of their specialists. “Taking care of our skin is the physical barrier that keeps infections at bay.”, he concludes.

Foods that can help reduce the occurrence of diseases

If you detect symptoms such as “pupae in the lips, more tiredness than usual, sores that take a long time to heal, muscle pain without having practiced exercise or fragility of the hair and nails, listed in Mapfre Salud, it is likely that you have weakened the immunity system. Review your habits to maximize your immunity.