Spring is a time of renewal and change, starting with the fact that time moves on and days seem longer, temperatures rise and there is more light. It is also a typical period of hair loss because the scalp is adapting to new external conditions. And many of us consider a makeover. Well, this spring, naturalness reigns supreme and balayage, babylights or Californian locks shine again. “It’s a trend we’ve been living with for a long time: the locks have the mythical ‘Balayage Caifornien’ technique as their starting point, and from there new names and variants have emerged”, explains stylist Atilio Enrique Künzle, from David Künzle Fuencarral. Next, we’ll talk about the highlights that will be most popular this spring 2023.

What are Flamboyage highlights?

“It’s a gradient of colors without following a certain pattern (like knitting), just like with Californian highlights”, defines Atilio Enrique Künzle. Of course, now the main novelty is the tool used to achieve this goal: “The Italian brand Davines invented transparent and adhesive papers, which ‘stick’ to the hair in various ways, and allow the lightened strands to be randomly separated, leaving the result very natural”describes stylist Ismael de Felipe.

Who do they favor?

They prefer blondes and browns. “They are ideal for discreet people who want to brighten up their faces and follow trends”, says Ismael de Felipe. A piece of advice: an easy and flattering way to wear them is just on the front side to give specific highlights.

What are Shatush wicks?

They are an evolution of the Californian locks, but in this case they have a more natural effect. That is, the roots become darker while the rest of the hair gradually lightens, achieving reflections that are not forced. A priori it may seem like a simple technique, but it is not: “These are locks applied irregularly using the balayage technique, freehand, with transparent film or not, or aluminum foil, to achieve a very subtle effect. They mix Californian style and classic locks, from the roots but out of focus. The most natural result, as they are only lightened up to three shades”details stylist Künzle.

Who do they favor?

At first for all shades of hair, as up to three tones are lightened. Ismael de Felipe advises them for women who are not looking for a lot of change and who do not want to worry about their maintenance: since there is no contrast and the natural roots remain, they are very comfortable to maintain. It’s almost like the natural result of a holiday in the sun. Ideal for long hair. “Also They’re perfect for dye-worn women who want to look pretty without looking bold, with darker roots and slightly lighter tips. A natural look that contrasts with many of the locks we tend to see on the street”, points out stylist Paul Tudor, director of David Klünze Fuencarral.

spring hair highlights

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What are Ombré Highlights?

This name comes from French and means shadow. Precisely, it consists of a subtle color gradient that marks a relatively dark tone at the roots and degrades the color until it reaches a light tone at the ends. To mean, “You have to leave the natural color a few centimeters and from about a third of the hair, it will gradually lighten until you get a smooth lightening at the ends. At David Klünze we do it freehand and, depending on the result we want to obtain, we use a transparent film to enhance the effect on the ends”, details Atilio. The more subtle the gradient, the more elegant the result.

Who do they favor?

Experts recommend it for hair ranging from brown to light blonde, as they are not suitable for darker hair. “It’s a color that looks great on long hair, and on medium-length hair it can also be ideal. Suitable for sophisticated and elegant people”according to Ismael de Felipe.

What are Chunky Wives?

It’s about framing and illuminating the face in a very obvious way with straight and well-defined strands along the contour (like a contour). “They can be done in one or two tones to enhance the chiaroscuro of the hair, with punk and grounche influences. They can also be softer. These are best suited for people who don’t want to dye all their hair but want to make an impact.”defines Ismael de Felipe.

Who do they favor?

It is a difficult tone to detect due to its very natural shape. “It is very suitable for all types of natural bases and for people who don’t want a very radical change. It is preferable to dono with brush, since very powerful tones are not sought, but a more global lightening. The result is a reflection along the length of the hair that is lost in said hair.”, says Paul Tudor. Experts especially recommend them on long hair with light foundations.

What are Babylights Mechs?

They are ultra-natural because they lighten the hair in a very natural and subtle way and try to reproduce the effect that the sun produces on the hair when we are young. “These are superfine strands, which only lighten up to two tones and are distributed throughout the head”details Atilio Kunzle. “They are very subtle, we make a lot of them and they are very thin, almost unnoticeable. Lighting up from the rootadds Ismael de Felipe.

Who do they favor?

They are perfect for achieving a natural blonde effect, as through delicate wicks they add luminosity to the hair and a touch of sweetness to the face. “They especially favor blonde and light brown hair”according to Ismael de Felipe, he also recommends them for brunettes: “since they admit colors like copper, brown and caramel.”

What are california highlights?

They have a natural fade effect on the hair but are more pronounced than balayage and you can choose to go softer or extreme on the ends. “They replicate the effect of surfer blondes with naturally dark roots, and a deep fade to an almost platinum blonde at the ends. At David Klünze we do it freehand with transparent film and also with thermal paper”, details Atilio. On the other hand, in Ismael by Felipe Peluqueros they leave the roots and the half-heads in a natural color and in the middle of the length towards the ends they mark them in a worn way, very obvious and sophisticated, almost like a rock, creating a maximum contrast . “Depending on the natural color, we can use different techniques: from freehand to silvering in the middle and ends to achieve the desired lightening level”details Ishmael.

Who do they favor?

Mainly, for foundations ranging from light blonde to light brown. Their biggest advantage: the little maintenance they need, as they can be touched up every four months. “By not touching the root, you don’t notice the natural growth of the hair. Even so, you need to keep your hair well nourished with specific products, such as conditioners or masks, as bleached hair always tends to be drier. Even with violet or bluish shampoos, so that our wick does not tend to unwanted tones such as yellow or orange. If this happens to us, we can always reapply, between touch-ups, a color treatment to refresh the lock and keep it as it was on the first day”advises Atilio.

blonde highlights

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What are foilage highlights?

Foilage highlights deserve a special mention: “They are an evolution of the mythical balayage, as in some cases it falls short of working in the air. Specifically, foilage is done in the same way, but then we use silver foil and the color is developed from within, with which we achieve levels of lightening that we cannot achieve with normal balayage”says Ismael de Felipe.

Who does it benefit?

You will love it if you are a daring person looking for an extreme blonde. You will not go unnoticed!

Where to get some trending highlights?

David Künzle (Madrid, Sala Ponzano, tel. 914 412 806. Sala Fuencarral, tel. 910 333 096). Ismael de Felipe Peluqueros (Madrid, tel. 914 02 18 80).