Until now, Shakira has remained silent about what happened and is expected to make a public statement soon | Photo: screenshot ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Nidia del Carmen Ripollthe mother of Shakirawas urgently admitted to a hospital in Barcelona, ​​​​as reported in the early hours of March 21, 2023 nbc It is telemundo.

According to information published by these media, the woman suffered from a thrombosis on one of its legs. This is serious, considering that one of the blood clots can break loose, lodge in the lungs or brain and cause a blockage called embolismwhich can be deadly.

“The lady felt sick, was hospitalized and there they detected a thrombosis in her leg, the great luck is that the clot did not reach the brain. She is expected to be released tomorrow — today —,” NBC said.

However, the diary the herald He commented that a source close to the singer told them that Nidia del Carmen has already been discharged and taken to her home in Catalonia, where she would be treated by specialized medical staff.

Shakira has always said that Nidia Ripoll was decisive in her musical career for the support she gave her from the beginning | Photo: Instagram @shakira

So far, Shakira has not publicly commented on what happened to her mother and it is not known whether, at the time of the emergency, she was in Barcelona or still in New Yorkwhere she was caught crying for reasons that were not clarified.

Incidentally, followers of the Colombian who expressed themselves about it on social networks, warn that this may have been the reason why she was seen in tears and not for issues related to her separation from Gerard Pique.

“I hope this makes them realize how irritating your speculations can be, her crying because her mother got sick and you reminding her who was unfaithful to her”, “we hope it was nothing serious and that Dona Nídia recovers soon” and “tough time for Shaki, who has been very strong”; These are some of the messages received by the interpreter of ‘Congratulations’, ‘Monotonía’ and ‘TQG’.

This was one of the images of Shakira crying that left the artist’s followers so perplexed | Photo: People en Español

Since the 46-year-old barranquilla separated from the father of her children –Milan It is shasha—she was also forced to face other complex family situations, such as the health problems suffered by her father.

It is important to remember that in May 2022, shortly after the couple confirmed their separation, Mr. William Mebarak Chadid he fell at his daughter’s house and had to undergo emergency surgery.

A few days later, in full recovery, Shakira’s father had to be rushed to the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, ​​​​where he was hospitalized for a month due to a new fall.

“He came to Barcelona when he heard about my family crisis and he came to support me. But then he fell and got a subdural hematoma, so he had to have brain surgery. And then a week later he fell again and broke several bones in his face,” Shakira said in an interview with ‘Elle’ magazine.

Shakira has shown strength in the face of family adversity in recent years | Photo: Instagram @shakira

To her father’s health disorders, the Colombian singer had to add the divorce with Gerard Piqué, the struggle for custody of the children, the establishment of a new life in the United States and the lawsuit against the Spanish tax authorities for allegedly evasion of taxes.

It is worth remembering that, in the midst of the process for alleged tax fraud and the commission of other crimes (November 2022), Shakira formally accused Spanish Ministry of Finance of having violated his privacy during the four years that the investigation was carried out up to that point.

As an argument to support the above, Atlanticense’s defense assured that the Entity resorted to “measures that violate the right to privacy, such as requests to medical centers to obtain confidential information such as consultations and analytical results”, and thus try to demonstrate that, between 2012 and 2014, the woman resided in Spain for more than 183 days (per year) and was required to pay taxes in that country.