The Oscars 2023 red carpet is not just a visual spectacle and the event of the year. It is also the ideal place to register all the trends in guest dresses that are going to be successful this summer, even before they invade the stores. these are the six proposals that the most elegant grooms will use Certainly.

sequins take control

Sequin and fringe dress

The sequins are the dress code favorites of the 2000s and the triumph of the Y2K aesthetic are back in trend. The formula is perfect if what you want is to be the guest that attracts all eyes, as it is impossible for you to go unnoticed and much more with this fuchsia dress with fringes and sequins from H&M for 59.99 euros.

The pink barbie core in all its versions

Pink TFP x Pedro del Hierro halter neck dress

The Triumph of the Trend barbie core reached its maximum exponent conquering many of the dresses that we saw in the Red carpet. The guests in style they will love pink in all its versionsof the fuchsia plus warm to the more feminine and delicate powdery pink. If this is your bet, Pedro del Hierro has a beauty for 79 euros.

Volume raised to its maximum expression

Red lace and beaded tulle corset maxi dress

Nothing that stays half measures or is the most basic of the party. Because at the Oscars 2023 it became clear that we are going to turn the volume up to the maximum and fill our dresses with puffy ruffles, layers and layers of tulle and lots of movement like the one with this design for 159 euros on Asos.

little black dressbut with transparencies

Black and transparent draped long dress from Zara, 35.95 euros.

Black wedding dresses still have their place because timelessness never goes out of style. Of course, this year they come accompanied by transparencies to avoid falling into sobrietysomething that this draped long dress from Zara for 35.95 euros fulfills to the letter.

No to floral print, yes to giant flowers

Dress with maxi flowers at the Mango neckline, 190 euros.

Flowers are always a resounding yes in the looks of our guests. But this year we forgot about floral prints, because the ones that are successful are three-dimensional maxiflores that decorate the dresses Too maximalist. Take note, because this dress from Mango for 190 euros is ideal.

turquoise is obsession

Veneno en la piel asymmetric long dress with cutout

There’s a new obsession with color that we’ll see everywhere this 2023 and it comes with an irresistible summer flavor. We talk about turquoise blue, which made us dream of tropical beaches at the Oscars 2023 and that we can show off with this design for 159 euros at El Corte Inglés.

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Photos | Gtres, H&M, Pedro del Hierro, Asos, Zara, Mango, El Corte Inglés.

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