Sometimes cheap is expensive. And other times, cheap is cheap and can also be very useful. This also happens with cars, where some accessories, at a very low price, can give us great service.

In this article, we are going to review some tools and accessories that, for little money, can get us out of some problems. We don’t intend to bring anything miraculous or that will “change our lives”, but to improve our trips.

Low price, great service

As we mentioned, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese tools and accessories is that they help us and offer us exactly the expected result when we most need them. One of those services that “don’t pay for money” and which, however, can be very restrained.

Led lamp

One of those accessories that I always carry in my car and that I think is essential. Lidl has a proposal that couldn’t be simpler. For 9.99 euros we can have a removable lamp, which increases the size of the light beam, which has a magnet and a support to rest it on the floor. It is charged via USB and can save us from problems if, for example, we have a flat tire at night.

2-in-1 combination rechargeable LED lamp with powerful LEDs and magnetic base.

water repellent

A simple item, but one that can be of great help when the rain gets worse. A water repellent will “slide” raindrops across the windshield and will facilitate our movement when visibility starts to compromise. It’s cheap, simple and effective. We have it on Amazon for 7.99 euros.

Rain-X 26041 – 2 in 1 Window Cleaner and Rainstop, Made in Spain, Windscreen, Windows, Partitions, Mirrors, 500ml

battery tester

Simple, straightforward, cheap and very useful for when you start to doubt your battery life. For just 4.99 euros Lidl has a tester for 6 and 12 volt batteries and alternator. In addition, it comes with a key to open the oil filter and any other type of reservoir that is closed by caps or threads more easily.

Battery and Alternator Tester/Oil Filter Wrench. For 6 and 12 V batteries, isolated and protected against short circuit.

american tape

This recommendation couldn’t be simpler, but I don’t know if any other product is as effective for so little money. Duct tape is always a must on my car.

Perfect if some kind of fault arises and we need to fix a part, cover a small leak or make sure no element moves for the next few miles. Interestingly, it is often the most used tool in Formula 1 when a quick solution is needed.

3M Universal Adhesive Tape 1900, 50mm x 50m, Black, 1-Pack

suitcase organizer

One of those simple and very useful ideas. Lidl has a collapsible malt organizer with adhesive strips to fix it to the floor and not move for just 6.99 euros. It is one of those products that you have to pay attention to to know when the supermarket offers it, since its online sale has sold out. It has a larger central space and exterior access. A good way to have products related to car maintenance or, for example, emergency accessories if you have a small child or a pet.

Trunk organizer that provides organized storage in the trunk. With side handles and 3 outside mesh pockets.

light V-16

It is not yet mandatory, so in our car we can continue to carry the triangles and although, in this case, it does not have connectivity through mobile data, as will be required from 2026, a V16 light could be interesting if, as in this case, we found less than 10 euros. It can be a great alternative to night triangles, when we prefer to save the road trip and, in addition, we can take better advantage of its beam of light.

Motorkit Approved High Luminance Magnetic LED Emergency Light (V16), replaces triangles, Suitable for use in rain and snow. for Cars and Motorcycles. Recommended by DGT.

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