Last year, the automobile industry generated a trade surplus of 16,457 million euros. This positive difference between vehicles sold to other countries and those imported assume the greatest contribution to Spanish commercial activity. However, according to data provided by the employer anfacthe 2022 contribution was a 13.3% lower compared to 2021 as a result of the increase in the value of it matterson one 22.8%against the slight increase in the value of exports, of 2.8%.

Anfac celebrates that the automobile remains the main contributor to the country’s trade balance because it recalls that 2022 was a very difficult year forto local factories for the crisis of the chips and uncertainty derived from inflation and the increase in the price of raw materials and the war of Ukraine. O logistical problems They haven’t helped the industry either. According to figures provided in January by employers, a good run since August has allowed Spanish factories to close. 2022 producing a 5.8% more compared to 2021 with 2.2 million vehicles, although the number is still below pre-pandemic levels.

of these 2.2 million units made in Spaina total of 1.88 million left our borders destined for other markets, 3.3% more. The main importers of Spanish cars are European markets such as Germany, France he UK It is Peru. In total, nearly nine out of ten exported Spanish vehicles end up on the European market. About the it mattersGermany, France and Czech Republic They are the main suppliers of cars for the Spanish market.

The sector leaves a total surplus of 9.497 million

In total, vehicle exports grew to a value of 35,164 million euros, up 2.8%, a timid rise, but in line with the aforementioned improvement in national production. On the contrary, much greater was the increase in the value of imports, which rose 22.8% until the 18,706 million euros compared to 2021.

According to Anfac, also relying on the industry of componentsthe automobile industry in general left a positive balance in the trade balance of 9,497 million euros27.6% less compared to 2021. Adding the various commercial activities derived from the sector, exports reached 46,018 million euroswhile imports rose to 36,521 million euros.

Despite the difficulties experienced by the industry in 2022, the Spanish engine, the second European producer and one of the main world manufacturers, continues to be vital for the Spanish economy. Jose López-TafallCEO of anfacstates that these numbers “demonstrate that the automobile industry as a whole maintains its high value as an economic engine of this country, representing the 10% of GDP and two million jobs”. “AND vital ThatLet’s secure the future of this sector and its position in the transformation to the mobility industry & rdquor ;, ends.