We have a new bad boy on the ATP circuit willing to stir consciences and show his strong personality. Rune Holger he wants to establish himself as a special player, one of those personalities you can either love or hate, who takes on considerable challenges and shamelessly competes against anyone, regardless of his rival’s track record. He has already established an intimate and tempestuous rivalry with Stan Wawrinkawhich earned him two episodes to unleash stormily and generate a great controversy in which he was involved nick kyrgios

Kyrgios' controversial reaction to the resentment between Wawrinka and Rune

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. After the triumph of the Swiss over the young Danes in ATP Masters 1000 Indian Wells 2023each tennis player used their own means to analyze what happened.

Wawrinka charges Rune with force

You have nothing to say now? That’s what Holger told Stan a few seconds after they shook hands and looked at each other. Tension can be cut like a knife over the course of a game between two men who don’t like each other one bit. It took very little for everything to explode, and although during their date he didn’t light the fuse, it’s clear that they aren’t destined to be friends. In a press conference, Wawrinka was questioned about this friction and did not hesitate to state categorically what he thought of the opponent, 18 years younger.

“The truth is that I can say little about it. Suffice it to say that he is a great young tennis player, he has enormous potential, but he is building a reputation in the locker room that he will one day regret.” bang. With this phrase that doesn’t seem like the result of improvisation, Stan resolved the issue on his own terms and made it clear to everyone that his rivalry with Rune does not respond to an isolated event, but can be extrapolated to many other players. He considers the behavior of a tennis player who did not hesitate to assure that this had been his worst game of the year and who focused his comments on all those users of social networks who charged him for his attitude, being awake until 4 am. totally inappropriate in the morning in california answering messages.

Rune spends hours answering his haters

The best way to deal with a defeat as tough as this one doesn’t seem to be spending hours answering messages on social media. Holger made a publication in which he warned that everything they write is seen by many people, so those who send hate messages are exposed due to their low intelligence. “People make harsh judgments to feel better about themselves. They criticize others to feel better about themselves out of jealousy and to try to restore their self-esteem.” He had put the bandage on before the injury occurred, but that didn’t deter many users from giving their opinion about the Dane, who, far from forgetting the subject, dedicated himself to responding almost one by one to the messages that reached him.

He went so far as to say that his comment about Wawrinka was a “joke” related to what happened in Paris and criticized all those who accused him of insults. To a user who insinuated that Holger wasn’t very smart, he snapped if he had sent the same meme to the Swiss when he lost to him a few months ago in the French tournament. In short, an unconvincing and constructive way of acting for a player who not only cultivates sporting achievements in the future, but also establishes a personal brand as a tennis reference in the near future.