maria robert


‘MasterChef’ will complete ten years on the air on April 10th. A decade not without success, although accompanied in turn by great controversies. Controversial guest, judges’ fight, serious suspicions of manipulation or participation of Veronica Forque in the ‘Celebrities’ weeks before his tragic death, they put the flagship of TVE constantly in the eye of the hurricane.

Over time, the critics were forgotten. All but the recurring complaint of each issue, and it’s the ungodly hour the show ends. In the eleventh edition, the public channel finally seemed to have heard the eternal complaint of the viewers. This Monday, March 27, the most famous culinary ‘talent’ returned to the small screen with apparently renewed mechanics: double weekly rations, 30 candidates instead of 15 and one elimination per delivery.

That’s right, instead of abbreviating refinement by dispensing with the filling content that makes it eternal, RTVE It has opted for a risky strategy that can guarantee it leadership in ‘prime time’ two days a week or achieve the opposite effect, even filling the strongholds of the format.