In its new collection for this season, Bershka presents us flare style jeans who promise to become the star of spring. Equally stylish and comfortable, they look good on women of all sizes and also go with everything.

Bershka’s most flattering jeans

Flare pants are one of the season’s hottest trends.. They lived their heyday in the 70s, and are now making a strong comeback to become the indisputable allies of our best looks. They are a fabulous option to hide wide hips, visually lengthen the legs and, finally, enhance the silhouette.

In addition, knowing how to combine them, can be as classic as straight or skinny pants. Bershka’s wide jeans elongate the legs a lot because they are high-waisted. If you want to enhance this effect, it’s very easy: wear them with a cropped top and platform heel sandals.

make sure that the top has a print of thin vertical stripes if you want to visually gain a few centimeters and see you better. Unlike wide stripes, thin stripes reduce volume. So these jeans are the piece of clothing you need to look great. They look great both with high-heeled sandals, sneakers or loafers, as the formulas are endless.

To go to the office, you can choose a white shirt with some special detail, such as ruffles in the armholes or puffed sleeves and some loafers. Moccasins are the star shoe of the season. In addition to the classic version, there are many other proposals to give the look a modern touch, such as the banded sole or decorative details.

Sneakers are the best allies to create a comfortable and stylish look.. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for a T-shirt and bomber jacket or a blouse and blazer. They are very easy to use jeans because they look good with everything.

This spring, denim triumphs in the fashion world, so you can also get excited about a total denim look. In this case, combine the pants with a top and denim sandals in the purest 2000s style.

Bershka’s new flare jeans are available in the online store for 25.99 eurosfrom size 32 to 44. On the web, you can also check availability at your nearest Bershka store.

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