Dozens of fans and onlookers in front of the entrance to the Coliseum Theater in Barcelona awaited the arrival of Quentin Tarantino who gave a talk in the room this afternoon. The queue to enter the theater reached Rambla de Catalunya.MASSIMILIANO MINOCRI

Losing a holster this morning, not by a pistol as one would expect, but by a tooth (a dentist quickly attended to it), was not an obstacle for Quentin Tarantino to speak this afternoon about the cinema in Barcelona before an enthusiastic audience of more of 1,500 people who filled the Colosseum theater, one of the largest in the city, to the full. With tickets at 89 euros and his name announced in large luminous letters on the marquee, the director starred in the event Quentin Tarantino: cinematic speculation, in which he basically ran through the themes of his book movie meditations (Reservoir Books, 2023, and Columna in Catalan), proving to be a true show man and delighting the audience, who interrupted him several times with applause.

In an atmosphere of celebration and complicity, the spectators, mostly young and obviously fans of the director as demonstrated by the fact that many are wearing his book and many t-shirts alluding to his films, had a great time, still armed with popcorn and drinks . . And that entrance required standing in a long line and having your cell phone locked in a sealed box with a security lock, as the show was a “free phone program” and it was forbidden to take pictures or sound. Outside, in front of the theater, many people gathered to try to see Tarantino and get a photo or an autograph.

In a white shirt, Tarantino, received at the beginning of the act as if he were a pop star, with part of the public standing and chanting his name, while applauding him, spoke with the cultural critic, writer and head of the exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB), Jordi Costa, both sitting on the stage of the theater with only a screen on which fragments of films were projected, such as american graffiti It is Dirty Harryone of the director’s favorite films (and let’s see who can argue with him or Harry Callahan with his 44 Magnum).

The act lasted just over two hours with intermission and there was no discussion. Some spectators lamented that the filmmaker did not talk more about his films and concentrated so much on the subject of his book, which is his autobiographical initiation as a spectator and the analysis of his favorite films, especially of the American genre, from the 1990s. cinema of the so-called New Hollywood. Tarantino, who announced that he is considering a new book with films he likes from other filmographies, such as Italian or Japanese, made people laugh with his anecdotes as a child watching adult films that his divorced mother and his boyfriends, especially black men with whom he saw so-called genre movies blaxploitationlow-budget, with black actors for black audiences, like black powderby Jim Brown. He remembers going to the premiere of that film with enthusiasm and being the only white man in the room, and since then “I’ve spent my life going to the movies and making them in an effort to recreate that experience”.

The filmmaker also evoked when he saw Release at the age of 9, John Boorman’s movie that includes the rape of a man, and he didn’t quite understand what was going on “because he didn’t know what it was like to be sodomized”, but overall he understood the situation “because of the context” and these and other adult films didn’t bother him “and the fact that they were difficult didn’t mean he enjoyed it”. He reflected that he was really disturbed by a movie, and that it was baby“that spoiled children for decades”. baby“it was very stupid for me and I couldn’t stand it, because I didn’t expect the fire and the mother’s death”, pointed out the author of kill account It is damn bastards. He recalled that in the United States, unlike in Spain, parents or guardians could take children to see adult films.

Tarantino highlighted his love for Spanish cinema — he is a big fan of Almodóvar and, above all, of Bullfighter— and quoted the residenceby Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, the films by Jesús Franco or the damn brideby Vicente Aranda, “the best adaptation of the vampire novel Carmilla . Of his animosity towards superhero movies, he qualified that he read Marvel and DC comics and liked them and that if the movies had been made in the 70s they would have appealed to him, but now it’s too late, “they took too long.” As for violence, a term inseparable from his cinema, he has considered that its presentation in cinema “can take it to a level beyond normal cinema” and to an exceptional “connection” with the public, as in the climax of straw dogs, in Sam Peckinpah. The filmmaker also dissected some of his favorite films, such as cabby, imagining what it would have been like if Brian de Palma had filmed it, or reflecting on what is and is not fascist. The director spoke briefly about his next film, “about a film critic”, and said that there has been a lot of speculation about who he is, but that “only I know and I won’t reveal more”.

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