Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, censored this Tuesday the campaign of the Real Madrid, through its official television channel, against the arbitrators for feeling harmed by the arbitration decisions in the Classic last sunday on Camp Nou. “It seems really bad and over the top to me. You are damaging the reputation of the barcelona and the competition. The regulation of Spanish Federation could intervene. Burning constantly against the referees must have some infraction”, complained the manager of the club after the presentation of the ‘ISDE Sports Convention 2023’.

O superalloy, led by president merengue, Florentino Perezwas once again heavily criticized by Thebes. “This project did not fail because it was presented at Chiringuito. It failed because, thank God, there were governments that took quick decisions like the British or their supporters. It did not fail because there was poor communication”, he said in reference to the Meringue president.

thebes He puffed out his chest and guaranteed that “we designed our strategy that weekend, because we knew it was going to be announced on Monday. We made a balloon puncture before it was announced (the superalloy). So we looked for a reaction effect so that they were communicatively run over. His strategy was to get him out early during the UEFA congress. We leaked a note Sunday morning and added sauce to the note saying players couldn’t play. AND the balloon was puncturedwe wanted to get people’s reactions,” he added.

The president of the club’s employers’ association has firmly reiterated that he will never enter into negotiations with the superalloy. “Something that worked for twenty years, why would we change it? why three (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus) want more power? There’s no need to change what worked. They want change because they want more of the pie. It is impossible to negotiate, they are two totally different concepts. There is no negotiation possible. We must stick to what made us work and make it vertebrate. If we enter into a negotiation with that, it wouldn’t be fair for football,” he said.

“The Superliga is synonymous with ‘fake news'”

“The Superliga is synonymous with ‘fake news’. A constant lie. A lie they want people to believe. They want the governance of European football,” he said. thebes. the president of The league he is convinced that the current model works. “The European football model has been a success: vertical leagues and horizontal Europe, one is causal to the other”, he explained.

asked by him barge and the juvethe traveling companions of real Madrid in the project of superalloy, thebes He commented that “they continue because of Florentino’s attraction. They would give him their commitment. He is very tenacious. Even if the sentence was against the Super League, it looks like they won… Florentino is tenacious and captivating. The main funder of barcelona That’s what Real Madrid has, they sent him there”, he concluded.

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