The winner of 59 Grand Slam titles, Martina Navratilova, also beat cancer. “As far as the doctors are concerned, I’m clean,” the 66-year-old tennis legend told British journalist Piers Morgan by talkTV in an excerpt from an interview advanced yesterday and which will be broadcast this Tuesday, March 21, in the United Kingdom. The news comes just four months after the tennis star announced in a statement last January that she had been diagnosed with stage one breast and throat cancer. “I was in a panic for three days, thinking I might not see next Christmas. A wish list of all the things I wanted to do came to mind. And that might sound super shallow, but I was like… ‘Okay, what car do I really want to drive if I live a year?’ he comments in the interview.

The former Czech-American athlete began to suspect that she had the disease in November last year, during the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) final, when she noticed a swelling on her neck that did not go down. Her representative, Mary Greenham, was the one who said that Navratilova noticed an enlarged lymph node in her neck during the event in Texas and, seeing that it did not regress, a biopsy was taken. “At the same time Martina was undergoing throat tests, a suspicious shape was found in her breast, which was later diagnosed as cancer, unrelated to the throat cancer,” Greenham said when Navratilova’s illness became public.

During the four-month nightmare for Navratilova, considered one of the greatest footballers of all time after remaining number one in the world for 332 weeks, she underwent a rigorous treatment plan that included daily radiation for three weeks, combined with three weekly episodes of chemotherapy. “That was the hardest part because the first week was chemo and radiotherapy at the same time. When you start feeling sick, you’re not sure if it’s because of the chemo or the proton. I didn’t really feel the proton until the third week, but then you get a sore mouth and your throat starts to close up. Everything is swollen and very uncomfortable and the proton makes the saliva look weird, ”she recalls in the conversation with Piers Morgan. She will still have breast radiation, she confirms, “but only for a few weeks and it’s more preventative than anything else,” she said.

Navratilova, who didn’t retire from tennis until age 50 after 32 years of professional activity, was already diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer 13 years ago but was declared free in 2010 after a mastectomy and six months of radiotherapy. “He spanked my ass, seriously. I feel in control of my life and my body and then this happens, it’s completely out of my control,” he told the magazine at the time. People.

In the new interview, the athlete also confesses that the disease put an end to the plans he had to adopt a baby with his wife, the 50-year-old former model Julia Lemigova. “I think it was a good idea for a while, but it made it clear that I’m not the youngest anymore and I don’t want to be the grandma on the playground,” she admits to a visibly emotional Morgan, “Forget that part, I guess, that there’s no enough space for that to happen.”

Lemigova, who is the mother of two daughters, ages 23 and 16, and Navratilova have been a couple since 2006. They got engaged at the US Open in September 2014 and got married in New York City in December. Since then, he has been by her side at all times. Thanks to everyone who reached out to share words of support. Together we will fight this”, wrote Lemigova, one of the protagonists of the series.reality The Real Housewives of Miami, via her Instagram after her partner went public with her health issues earlier in the year. Now they too will enjoy the recovery together.