Holy Week will arrive with warm weather in most of Spain

Many are already planning their next vacation for the Holy Week, which this year will fall in the first week of April. The big question is: what time go do? Where will it rain and which beach destination do you chooser sunbathing without risk of getting cloudy? We tell you what the20-20 rule to make a decision.

With the warmth and comfort of the latter, many Spaniards already wanted to escape to the coast. Fortunately, three weeks from now will be the perfect opportunity, with the Easter break. Although it is still too early to know the definitive weather forecast, weather models already point to some of the most likely scenarios, so we can have an idea of ​​the where it is almost certain that it will not rain.

The “20-20 Rule” for Getting it Right at Easter

If we observe the meteorological records of the dates of Easter this year, from April 2nd to 10th, we observe that temperatures often exceed 20°C already in many provinces. They usually do so in the regions of the southern Galicia, in much of Andalusia, Points of Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha and in the communities of Mediterranean, like this the archipelagos.

According to Eltiempo.es, “Seville, Las Palmas and Valencia are the 3 provinces where it tends to be hotter”.

Maximum average temperature of April 7, 1991-2020Cesar Rodriguez Ballesteros

So if you’re looking for warmth, these are the areas where you’re likely to find it. Furthermore, everything indicates that temperatures can be higher than the average in much of Spain, more likely in the south and eastern parts of the peninsula.

Temperature anomaly forecast for the week of April 3-10ECMWF

Regarding rainfall, there is no clear trend for the time being. Generally, the areas where it rains less on these dates are on the Mediterranean coast, in the Balearic Islands and in the Canary Islandswhile if you head north, you’re more likely to encounter overcast skies.

“Very in the Canary Islands and in the southeast peninsular, it rains less than 20% of the days of Holy Week”, reports Eltiempo.es

Throughout the month of April, this is how rainfall tends to be distributed in Spain.

Average monthly precipitation for the month of April 1991-2020Cesar Rodriguez Ballesteros

This is what we know as the “20-20 rule””: maximum temperatures that usually exceed 20 ºC is probability of rain less than 20%that is, less than 20% of rainy days on these dates.

If what you are looking for is to take your first dip on the beach at Easter, therefore, we advise you to choose the Valencian coast, Alicante, Murcia, Almeria, Malaga or Granada, or make an escape to Canary Islands, where sun and heat are practically guaranteed.