after months of lack of control and excessive increase in the cost of fuelsit seems that the prices of Gasoline it’s him diesel they stabilized. With him liter of both products close to the 1.50 eurosthe moments when the two euros They seem to have been left behind.

However, this phase of inflation caused by energy crisis and the ukrainian war It also served to expand the catalog of promotions of the big oil companies, which had to adapt to this new context of maximum competence launching offers and discounts in different ways.

The 20 cents are back

One of the multinationals that most evolved in this sense has been repsolthat through campaigns loyalty with discounts exclusive managed to stay afloat and in the fight for Master the sector. Precisely, the most recent proposal of the brand led by Joshua Jon Imaz has a lot to do with it capture And then retention From clients.

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From Repsol, they announced that next April they will start ‘Connected energies’a new promotion that will serve as replacement of the current discount 10 cents that are applied to their fuels. As reported by El Economista, the energy multinational will offer up to 20 cents per liter less shopping of your customers. this digit, equivalent to the reduction that the Government applied until the end of last year, will vary according to the number of sealed contractsi.e. according to energy services (electricity, gas, butaneetc.) contracted with the company.

It should be noted that this new offer follows the success of thepickup truckthe mobile application with which Repsol managed to register more than six million of users interested in getting sales in your refueling and many others benefits. So, it can be expected that ‘Connected energies’ also work through this platform, which would increase the number of registrations up to eight millionas anticipated by predictions of the company.