The matches are all complicated, whatever the rival. We must look to ourselves as a very important week begins, with the Champions League and the Clasico. We arrived in good dynamics, Hope we can prepare well for Wednesday’s gamewhich can have many pitfalls, and you have to avoid them.” Focused on the next challenge of the week, Carlo Ancelotti stressed in the press conference after the victory over Espanyol (2-1) that They will not trust the advantage and will play the return of the Champions League as another final.

The Italian coach needs his men be mentally prepared for a controlled match on the ‘scoreboard’ of the draw, the 2-5 at Anfield should be definitive, but with traits that could mark a relaxation that was never good for real Madrid. A lesson they had to face last season in the quarter-final second leg against chelsea. The stage will be the same (Santiago Bernabéu) and the scare experienced when the score reflected 0-3 at 75 minutes It must be a condition for the white team to activate its Champions mode as soon as the ball rolls.

Liverpool will try to ‘copy’ Chelsea’s car

the documentary ‘Real Madrid until the end’ Apple TV brought up a never-before-seen shot of the white dressing room after the epic quarter-final second leg against Chelsea. “I’m dead, dead. Unbelievable. If I don’t die today, I’m immortal. But what an atmosphere, thank you all”. The technician’s reaction that the cameras caught reflected in a single image the agony suffered by the white team.

Ancelotti’s sigh after returning to Chelsea en route to the fourteenth: “I am immortal”

That draw, Real Madrid had won 1-3 in the first leg at Stamford Bridgebut Chelsea had them on the ropes with a 0–2 draw in the 51st minute and a third goal in the 75th minute that left them out. Rodrygo made it 1-3 ten minutes from time and in extra time Benzema scored in the 96th minute. There started a Madrid’s Spartan Resistance against rival attacks with high chances of Ziyech and Havertz to the desperate ones who were in nothingness. A Jürgen Klopp will pursue a similar approach next Wednesday, the 15th, to try to attack a Bernabéu that has to be prepared. The ‘copy’ of the Aston Martin car with Red Bull in the football version: from color to blue… to red, passing through plate and ink in an ultra-offensive eleven.

A lesson that was burned in the white locker room: “We had the experience of last year against Chelsea. We have an advantage, that’s why we are favourites, but the other fact is that we have to play another 90 minutes that we have to play with same attitude as the match. We have the advantage, but we can’t think about managing the game, the results, we have to play the 90 minutes at the top”, summarized ancelotti about possible favoritism in the second leg against Liverpool.

blocking in the bands

In the first part of the first leg, the Liverpool caused Real Madrid serious problems at right wing. The advanced position of luka modricwho jumped under pressure, caused Alexander-Arnold and Salah constantly pressure Alaba. With the entry of Nacho, the scheme changed and it was Vinicius who was forced to leave, more than he would have liked, to help your partner with defensive tasks.

Goal by Vinicius (2-1) in Liverpool 2-5 Real Madrid

The first goal came after a recovery in midfield and a counterattack on the right wing. A change in the game system that Ancelotti explained perfectly in the last press conference: “It depends a lot on the opponent’s strategy. If you have a rival that earns a lot from the inside, like Espanyol, I think it’s better to have two wingers.. In the case of Betis, it was better to put a midfielder because they leave more spaces. The 4-4-2 is or more suitable for pressing upwards, but we threw it away because the center was too closed

One of the keys to the game will be the Real Madrid reading to get out of the high pressure that Liverpool will use. The first minutes will be vital for the team to go establishing yourself in the field and gaining confidence to fight an uphill battle in the center of the field. In the first stage, Valverde, the smartest in the category, generated more width after positioning himself higher. Something that helped Vinícius to get out of the defensive cave to which he was subjected. Ancelotti’s men will need long periods of possession to try to move an enraged opposition.

an unwritten rule

Although the first goal does not always spell the future of a draw (see the match at Anfield, where Darwin Nuñez’s goal became the first goal in Champions League history for the English), in a game where nerves are on edge, Jürgen Klopp’s men will have to put to the test an unwritten rule in the world of football: the first foul will have to be his, the first shot, the first yellow, winning the first aerial ball… until signing the most important trap of the second leg: the first goal in the Santiago Bernabeu.

This is where the hope of the ‘network’ lies, which dreams of achieving the impossible against the rival who has punished him the most in recent years (both in the field and psychologically speaking). The 16 goals conceded and 4 in favor in the last seven clashes reflect the harsh reality in which the London team lives when they are in the real Madrid in the highest European competition. However, if history has shown anything, it is that with Liverpool never sign a death warrant before your time. AC Milan fans can certainly explain how they felt in 2005 after experiencing the most emotional and craziest final in the history of the Champions League: ‘The Miracle of Istanbul’. the united of have a witch and the humiliating 7-0 defeat at Anfield a week ago may also be another example of the “cheating” mentioned by Ancelotti.