Robert Lewandowskiin an extensive interview with Barça Magazine, he made clear the illusion that makes him fight for the titles of LaLiga and the Copa del Rey in his first year as a Barça player, already with the spanish super cup in his pocket, but sent a message of prudence and entered the style debate defending that “he has to adapt to the football of the moment and the players he has”.

“We have to believe that anything is possible, but it is still too early to think about the two titles. In the League we are in a good position, but we still have many games ahead of us and we have to show that we can do better than in the games we won by 1 to 0 “He highlighted about LaLiga, highlighting about the Cup that” our objective is to reach the final, but first we must eliminate the real Madrid in the semifinal. For us the most important game to win must be the next one, we are not thinking about what will happen at the end of the season”.

The 34-year-old Polish striker recalled with pain his elimination in the group stage of the Champions League: “In the first part of the season, the five or six injuries we suffered made things difficult for us. We have a very young squad and it was an experience for everyone. It was difficult for us, especially in the Champions League, where small mistakes, “At Sometimes they come at a high cost. If you want to win the Champions League, you can’t make the mistakes we made. But we fought until the end, although maybe it was too late”.

From the knockout in the Europa League against him Manchester United He considered that “it was a very balanced tie in both games. In Manchester we had the opportunity to draw in the second half, although United attacked us and put more pressure on us. Now we are focused on the League and the Cup”.

There has been a lot of debate about whether Barça changed their style in reference to this defensive growth and these games won by the least: “I know that at least Barcelona’s DNA We must always look for a good game, but we must also understand that football is changing. For example, the Barca game ten years ago might not work now. We have to adapt to football and teach what we have best. On the other hand, the players in our team also change. You have to find the perfect situation for where you are and for the football of the moment. Football is not what it was ten or fifteen years ago. The tiqui taca may not work today. You have to find the perfect balance and solution between the players you have and the football of the moment”.



“In modern football you have to know how to adapt to any system”

In this sense, the scorer was asked about the team’s improvement since Xavi Hernández opted for the four midfielders and two forwards, although keeping the tie at 4-3-3: “It’s not because of the tactics we use or the game system. football you have to know how to adapt to any system. From my previous experience, I’m used to playing on different systems that can change during gameplay. You have to know what to do on the field, depending on the tactic you are using “It’s very important to adapt and know how to move in each system. It hasn’t been a problem for me because I’m used to playing in all systems” . design: “It’s not about the tactics we use or the game system. In modern football you have to know how to adapt to any system. From my previous experience, I’m used to playing in different systems that can change during the game. You have to knowing what to do on the field, depending on the tactic you are using, it is very important to adapt and know how to move in each system. It was not a problem for me because I am used to playing in all systems”.

From your technician, Xavi Hernandezcommented that “he was a great player and played as a midfielder, so he saw the pitch from a central perspective. That’s why he can see a lot of things: how to play with the ball, how to play without it… He always tells us that we must being able to change the dynamics of the game, that you don’t have to wait until the break to change some things. You have to listen to the coach, but you also have to know how to make your own decisions to be successful on the pitch. On the tactical side, he is very clear about what what we should do and as a coach he adds value to his words, which makes the players hear and understand him”.



“The forwards know we have our backs well covered”

He valued Barça’s defensive strength: “Our way of playing in defense is very good and it is clear that we have very good players in this position. For the forwards it is not much easier to play with risk because we know that we have our back well covered. And this is very important. Security also facilitates goals and it is good if we can try new things, we are not afraid to take risks and try to find a solution in attack. We work as a team and when you know you have these types of players it is always more easy. The first step in all equipment is to have a good defense”.

And he praised the youngsters on the squad as Pedri, Gavi, Bucket, Ansu, Araújo…: “We have very young players, with enormous potential and experience. At this age it is very important to have minutes of play, although they always want more. I remember that when I was young, the older ones made me see some details and I understood that his reasoning helped me to get more out of my game. That’s why I know that with these football players, how Bucket, Barcelona’s future is assured. On the other hand, the balance between young people and experts is important in a team and we have it. It’s also important not to set too high expectations on them because in the long run it can hurt them.”

The Pole accepted his role as leader by experience: “I try to help my teammates not only with goals, but also with my behavior and my mentality, giving them my point of view on games. Sometimes I see situations that I can change. Young players not only work on the field, they also do it in the head and that’s very good. Month after month the improvement is noticeable. From my experience and age it’s easy to tell them things that can help them: possession of the ball, running with or without the ball… These things are also important for the players and the team.”

With 25 goals in 31 official matches and five assists in LaLiga closed the mouths of those who doubted his signing, although Lewandowski It doesn’t cost anyone anything: “I never thought like that, for my part I’ve always been well guided by many people who believe that I can’t achieve the goals I set myself. The assists? I always try to know where my teammates are, when I have one or two players on top of me, I try to look around to find a teammate with free space to pass the ball, to create a dangerous situation. In order to have the opportunity to score a goal, I try to use my movements for my teammates. If you have the ball, you are the center of attention in a certain space, which means there is free space elsewhere that you should see.”



“I know I can still play at a high level for a few more years”

‘Lewy’ spoke of his future at the club with the ambition of one day extending the contract he signed until 2026, when he will turn 37: “Now I don’t think about it because I know I can still play at a high level for a few more years. How many more will that be? We’ll see. I’m sure there won’t be one or two, there will be more. It would be great if it lasted as long as possible. I try to give it all I have. Here at Barcelona, ​​at this moment I understand the meaning of More than a Club , because when you are inside and see how everything works, how people work, how you take care of yourself, you understand exactly what that means. People are very open and always try to help you. They try to make you feel comfortable. They try to make you feel comfortable. are very honest and want the players to feel at home. It’s a feeling I’ve had from the first moment”. And he evoked his first days: “I thought that it didn’t matter how things were, it was going to be a challenge to learn from everything, I try to keep everything positive, I like the club’s image and how it works. It’s beautiful, a new experience and beautiful for me. I live with joy”.

definitely, Lewandowski He believes that Barça are on the right path, comparing how it was when he arrived and how it is now: “I think we managed. In the first month I was here I already saw that I had a lot of potential, but in football it is not easy to change things in just a week or a month. You have to be patient, it takes time. Now I see that everything is going well, because we have a lot of young players. They just need more time to understand things, to change their mentality. No. It’s like if you pressed a button and everything changed. In the first part of the season we were doing well in some things, but sometimes we made mistakes that could have been avoided. In this second half I see everything much better. As a team, as a club, we took a very big step . And I know we can still improve a lot.”

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