Santi Aldama he dignifies the team’s culture without giving up his identity, willing to do whatever and whenever he wants without losing that star quality, that charisma that comes with the on-duty genius that you have or don’t have. Although entertained between jokes by his companions, that if you shout in chorus with Ja Morant, if you hit, if xavier tillman trolling him after the game, Aldama should not be taken lightly. He has already earned the respect of the NBA by daring to do whatever he can to meddle in the NBA’s plans. kyrie irvig It is Lucas Doncic -who still hasn’t returned-, and signs the best figures of his career in rebounds and points with a double double with 22 points and 14 rebounds in the Grizzlies comeback against Dallas (112-108). 16 of those 22 goals, in the second half.

The canary had not been Memphis’ top scorer, an honor that fell to a surprising Jaren Jackson Jr. -28 points-, which, in addition to disfiguring Irving in his favorite moment -the last quarter-, leaving the point guard without scoring and in a 0/7 on pitches despite his 28 goals. But everyone wanted to give a kiss, a hug -or whatever- in Spanish, which made Tennessee win its third game against Dallas in the last 10 days.

“We moved the ball, we had resilience. This season we are struggling in the last quarter, but we found the rhythm and we trust each other. We knew from the game we played at home that they play very physically and we had to give everything”, analyzed Aldama exultantly at the end of the game, always making the collective spirit prevail. According to StatMuse, you haven’t seen those 22 points and 14 rebounds off the bench for the Grizzlies since Zach Randolphthe time of Marco Gassol. The Spaniard’s story in Memphis continues to be written as soon as he picks up the pen stick without forgetting the step Joao Carlos Navarro.

“How did I feel in the photos? Well, it was fun, we played with a lot of energy, he behaved well in front of the crowd and we can’t wait to get back on the court”, said the canary when asked about his performance. Aldama, with an impressive ability to question the stars – in just two years in the NBA he has already left great ‘highlights’ against Harden, Durant and Irving-, ‘chose’ this time to bother a star like Irving himself with waste and not with details with a wide repertoire: triples, points after rebounds and even that ‘hook’ shot patented by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is liking it.

It painted a quiet night for Dallas -96-83 at the end of the third quarter-, after the ecstasy of The angels but the canary continued to press, finishing with 6/12 in shots, 2/6 in triples, an impeccable 8/9 in free throws and 2 assists.

The way he alternated perfectly with his position partner in the ‘4’ Jaren Jackson Jr., is the ideal postcard that speaks of that team culture in some Grizzlies in which the collective absorbs everything that is individual, the absences due to injury Brandon Clarke It is Steven Adams -already undefined-, and that of a Ja Morant who has already been seen at FedExForum in Memphis and who will play again on Wednesday, against the Rockets.

Memphis is still far from that dynasty he laughed at klay thompson but they will reach the playoffs ready for anything, capable of having added a balance of 6 wins and 3 losses in what they have been missing morant. All the joys of these Grizzlies where everything now seems idyllic, were the Mavericks’ sorrows, without a contingency plan in their contingency plan, with the latent threat of being left without a playoff, plus the easy and predictable solution of letting Irving do it all. .

But Jaren Jackson Jr. -candidate for Best Defender of the Year-, kept the guard away so that he didn’t add any points in the last quarter and only 12 were scored by the Mavericks, who managed to reach double digits “courtesy” of Dillon Brooks.

The controversial forward remains the most unfriendly face of these Grizzlies and received a technique for laughing at an Irving who had already challenged days before. But, apart from that, he fouled the Christian Wood on the perimeter -20 points for the center and also for Hardy-, which gave Dallas some hope, losing by 112-108 with 4 seconds remaining. The Mavericks clamor for the return of Doncic, who, on the night of Santi Aldama, did not hesitate to congratulate him. They already know him well in the NBA.

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