NOTICE: This post contains SPOILERS for several video games. Take a look at the list before continuing.

Video game endings don’t always meet our expectations. Not because they are bad endings, which they can be, but because they are bittersweet any decaffeinated. Fortunately, some titles have alternate or secret endings that comfort us behind the baton of the main endings.

Now that I’ve planted the seed of doubt, let me tell you what some of the best alternate endings we’ve experienced in video games are. Be it for the emotion and/or the surprise factor, they managed to earn a place in our hearts.


Hades is one of the most prominent roguelikes of recent years. We take control of Zagreo in his quest to escape the Kingdom of Hades, even having to kill several deities that get in your way. The default ending presents us with a conversation with Hades, then with Persephone and the return once again to the realm of the dead.

However, there is an alternate ending that can be achieved. by repetition. When you escape and speak with Hades at least a dozen times, the family (Hades, Persephone, and Zagreo) reconciles and begins to live a happy life. While the alternate ending doesn’t change much, it does bring a more cheerful tone than the normal ending.

Far Cry Saga

We do two for one! Ubisoft used to add alternate endings throughout Far Cry. They all have the same characteristic: it is the most obvious ending consistent with the story. What is abnormal is doing what we all do for the first time. In my opinion, the best alternate endings are from Far Cry 4 and 5.

In Far Cry 4, we arrived in the region of Minimum Payment to scatter our mother’s ashes. The dictator receives us with some violence, but with respect because our mother was a dear friend. He takes us to his house, feeds us and asks us to wait a moment.

  • If we escape, we are part of the rebellion and finally have to choose between two leaders.
  • Alternative ending: If we decide to wait for Pagan Min at the beginning of the game, he will return after a few minutes. We will continue talking to him, leave the ashes and go home without drama.

In Far Cry 5, we arrive in the Montana region as a sheriff’s deputy to stop José Semente, leader of a sectarian preparatory religious cult that conquered the area with its private militia. Joseph asks us to leave them alone and go back the way we came without harm. Here we must make a decision:

  • If we stop him, his followers shoot down the helicopter to save him and we start a Rambo mission. In the end, you’ll be able to either accept that you can’t win and walk away, or fight back and bring about a full-blown apocalyptic ending.
  • Alternative ending: We can choose not to stop it, accept that we are outnumbered, and tag ourselves to return later with reinforcements. All this under the pretext that we decided to release Joseph Seed. In that case, we will be able to leave the church without any problems and return home.

In far cry 3 we can choose the end and in Far Cry 6 we have another alternative ending similar to the previous ones. Basically, it consists of following the plan we had: take a boat, head towards the horizon and escape Yara without getting involved in the rebellion.


This gem of the FPS genre hides an alternate ending that only the most chaotic players can achieve. Without further ado, at the end of the adventure we meet two important characters for the story, Barisov and Demichev, and we have to choose to kill one of them. Depending on the decision we make, the end will be one or the other. But there is a final third…

Singularity’s alternate ending is worthy of the Joker: remove boths, Barisov and Demichev. If we go down this path, we will trigger a complete apocalypse in which Russia will be divided into hundreds of factions, creatures will wreak havoc across the planet and wars will break out. A catastrophic end.


Surely you didn’t expect to see Sifu on this list! The story paints a bleak picture: our protagonist’s family is murdered. After that, he spends 8 years training in martial arts and investigating the killers. When you feel ready, start your path of revenge. Most players act on what they saw and kill all the bosses. Although…

He Alternative Final Sifu It does justice to what it proposes: we must spare the lives of all the bosses you fight against. You have to break his guard twice during combat and then press the mercy button. If we repeat this until the final boss (included), the protagonist will accept death and will have respected the Wudethe ethical code of martial arts.

Metal Gear Solid 1

the video game Metal Gear Solid 1 he is a legend and no amount of time can change him. So much so that the game hid secrets until recently. He Alternative ending It was for many people the authentic ending of the video game, although over the years we have learned that it is not the canonical ending, but rather a requisite ending. In other words: it was not meant to be the authentic ending, but as “punishment”.

In this alternate ending, if we are unable to resist Ocelot’s torture for Solid, which at the gameplay level is developed by pressing a button to prevent our health from reaching zero, Meryl dies permanently and irretrievably. Indeed, Ocelot warns us: “When your life is reduced to zero, the game is over. There will be no sequels, my friend.“. And it was true… though not for us.

Streets of Rage 3

to the alternate ending of Streets of Rage 3, a very classic fighting video game, we could also call it Final Troll. Getting it wasn’t complicated, in fact many people saw it on their screens… and it didn’t go down very well.

By choosing Easy Mode in Streets of Rage 3, the game went from seven levels to five, and the ending is a taunt that taunts the player right after defeating the “final boss”. It turns out that you don’t fight the final boss, but a robot that replaces him. We can see the very bad bad guy in an armchair with a glass of wine seeing how we think we could defeat him. He true ending was achieved by completing the game on at least Normal difficulty.

transmitted by blood

Knowing that Bloodborne comes from FromSoftware, no one can be surprised that there is a Alternative ending with requirements. Under normal conditions, we can choose between waking up, which means being executed by Gehrman, or resisting, which means fighting Gehrman himself and taking his place. However, there is an alternate or secret ending… but you have to prepare it.

If we get and consume 3 Umbilical Cords, we reach the maximum of Lucidity. If we choose to resist and defeat Gehrman, the presence of the moon will appear and we will have an additional fight. By defeating her, we end the game in the form of a larva, implying that we transcend and become a deity.

These are some of best alternate endings that we have lived in videojuegos, but we know that there are more: Half-Life, Silent Hill 1 and 2, Heavy Rain, Batman Arkham, Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy X-2, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and much more. With that in mind: what other alternate endings do you know of? Which ones surpassed the normal ending itself? I invite you to tell them in the comments.

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