Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player of all time.. Only LeBron James for a couple of years allowed himself to discuss this condition. Six champions play in six NBA Finals with their respective MVPs, 10 top scorer titles of the seasonfifth player with the most points in NBA history, 14 All Star appearances, Olympic champion, withdrawals and returns, made on the cusp of turning 40… There is no shortage of reasons to think that yes, that he is the best.

But when you retire, The big players are not always able to transfer their skills on the field to banks or offices. It happened to Jordan. In June 2006, he became a minority shareholder in the then-Charlotte Bobcats and since April 2010 has owned the franchise, renamed the Hornets in 2014. was considering selling most of his shares. If the deal goes through, he would go out as one of the worst owners in NBA history..

Since the ‘Air’ arrived at the entity and until today, the results have been deeply disappointing. With the current one, it would be 17 seasons in which in four of them the team ended with a positive balance and in only three reached the playoffs. In all of them lost in the first round and in two of them by 4 to 0. When the Kings confirm their presence in the title series this season, the Hornets will have the longest active sequence outside the playoffs of the NBA: seven years. Counting the last meeting, the historic balance since Jordan’s landing is 563 wins and 779 losses. A winning percentage of 41.9%.

worst season ever

These numbers include worst season in nba history. In the 2011-12 school year, reduced to just 66 games due to a lockout, the team they won seven games and lost 59, including the last 23 in a row. The 10.6% win is listed in NBA books as another Jordan record, although this one is in questionable taste..

The Myth of the Bulls (and the Wizards) he has become the basketball operations manager since joining the franchise in 2006. The much improved moves that have been made since then have been on his part, although he had the help of collaborators like Rod Higgins, his former teammate at the Bulls and father of Barça player Cory Higgins, whom he himself fired; Rich Cho and Mitch Kupchak, who also managed the Lakers.

questionable decisions

Just looking at the draft, some of the questionable decisions during his tenure are choosing Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard; Cody Zeller ahead of Steven Adams, Rudy Gobert and Giannis Antetokounmpo (although 13 other franchises also let it through); Noah Vonleh ahead of Zach LaVine; Frank Kaminsky opposite Devin Booker; Malik Monk ahead of Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo; and also selected Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, currently the fifth leading scorer in the NBA, to be traded that same night for Miles Bridges.

When Jordan arrived in Charlotte, it was hoped that his mere presence would be able to attract some stars to the franchise and make it competitive. It never was like that. The city also does not have an attractive market.. There are many other teams that are a better showcase. Now the part to build is LaMelo Ball, one of the few hits in the rookie draw, but who has been suffering from injuries in recent times. “I love being here,” he said recently, despite that the team is the fourth worst in the NBA and penultimate in the Eastern Conference with a balance of 23-50. It is Jordan’s current landscape and very similar to what he has lived through for the past 17 years.