03/14/2023 at 3:50 pm


Referee Matt Clattenburg admitted wrongdoing in the 2016 Champions League final

Did not cancel Real Madrid’s offside and gave Atlético a penalty to compensate

With him ‘Negreira case spreading across the world of football and at a time when more transparency in the work of referees is being asked when new controversies do not stop, the referee’s statements now come to light matt clattenburg regarding the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético in 2016.

The referee granted an interview to the program ‘O Nome da Camisa Brasileira’, where he explained several situations that occurred in the Saint Sirus in that match. The first explanation came from the offside goal Sergio Ramosthat put Real Madrid ahead in the first few minutes of the game: “When the ball reached the area, I knew it was a burden. He touched her in the middle and helped to score Sergio Ramos. She told her assistant that although it was difficult because of the noise, she would scream into her headphones if she knew there was a ring in the middle after launch. ‘Do you know there was a ringing? You know?’ I saw him looking at the video scoreboard and I yelled, ‘Can I resume the game? Did you see the touch of burden?”.

clattenburg He had no response from the assistant and conceded the goal: “He was completely frozen. A minute later I had to restart the game because we count With technology. I asked him about the headphones: ‘Simon, did you see that outside? game?’. He told me the headphones didn’t work and I said, ‘Did they work? now and not before, when do we make the decision?'” insinuated strangely English.

Later, he took a penalty for the Athletic who sounded dubious: “I whistled because it restored balance. Madrid had that opportunity with the offside goal that Atlético had received”, guaranteed.

The referee explained the reason for the decision: “It was one of those perfect refereeing scenarios. I give the penalty, pepe He comes and tells me it wasn’t a foul and I told him that their impediment wasn’t legal either and he left. Atlético had a chance to equalize the offside and clearly they failed. And now they’ll blame me, but they can’t because Griezmann had the chance with that penalty.”