If there is a character who knew how to adapt to new times and the language of the Internet and Social Networks, it is sonic. Punished many times for less-than-expected games, the SEGA icon managed to transform himself and be a fun figure capable of going beyond his games. of the presence of sanic in the movie to the official Twitter account using the best memes possible in favor of the story, the sentiment is evident: Sonic is cool. and the last one was The Assassination of Sonic the Hedgehog, an April Fools ad that was not a joke, but a real free game now available. And highly recommended.

SEGA has taken advantage of the day when the industry is flooded with jokes and fake news to publish a video game that has nothing to do with classic games – that will come with more sound origins and its bet renewed in June- nor with the latest 3D success -Sonic Frontiers-. Sonic’s murder is, to everyone’s surprise, a visual novel inspired by the classic Cluedo in which you have to collect clues and clues to solve a case, this time the death of the blue hedgehog

The title is free, it only lasts a few two hours of game and it’s really fun. It all starts with a character who has his first day of work on a transatlantic where he’s going to celebrate Amy’s birthday with Sonic and his friends. For this they will play to distribute roles between them, where one will be the murderer, another will end up being the victim and we will have to help Tails and Amy to find out who is the culprit. for the Murder on the Orient Express or, if you like, a among us in chatty.

The ship’s map has different compartments, where there are several characters from the Sonic universe that can be suspicious. We will progress through them in a linear fashion as the story develops through our investigations. We will select elements to look for clues and when we have cleared the area, we will interrogate the characters in said compartments. Let’s try to find out if Vector and Knuckles were playing together Super Monkey Ball In a recreational machine, how could Sonic’s dead body be moved from the pilot zone to the stage room, why certain characters did not come to the library or how some characters were moved from one side to the other if they did not have keys to do it.

All with fun and funny dialogues, with the characters perfectly fulfilling their role: Amy She is a foodie who is enjoying her birthday, together is always in a bad mood Shadow He’s not very talkative, but he hides something and Rouge It is hello They don’t miss an opportunity to do their thing. After collecting the evidence, when we question the characters we can choose different answers, although if we fail, the game will allow us to try again to advance in the adventure.

You can’t go wrong and the goal is to enjoy the story, perhaps being too simple and with too many player aids (Tails guides everything). Of course, keep in mind that the game It is not officially translated into Spanish.

To add a little dynamism to the experience, when we have some tip that we want to connect to dismantle the alibi that a character is trying to infiltrate us, we go to a minigame with our character’s portable console (which we name Sanic) in which, with an isometric view, we must collect a series of rings of concrete, dodge obstacles and reach the end. If we succeed, we articulate an argument that dismantles our suspect. Otherwise, we have to repeat the minigame until we finish him off.

Although it may seem like something that offers a certain variety, the truth is that in the final stretch of the game, once we’ve discovered the cake of what happened -with a twist included- we’ll end up performing different phases of these, and repeating it several times until we manage to finish the game, being something frustrating because mechanics give what they give.

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is a dynamic, fun and humorous visual novel that you should try. Completely free, both the chosen visual style and the dialogues and plot development are worth it. It’s two hours, but they’ll fly by. Of course, don’t expect big challenges when it comes to finding and connecting clues, since it’s very simple in its development, and the minigame of collecting rings that you use to advance in the adventure can become something heavy in the final stretch.

The best

  • Visually attractive and with good dialogues
  • The plot development is interesting
  • totally free


  • The minigame can be somewhat repetitive and frustrating towards the end.
  • No official translation